Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Daily Breeze Slams Crooked, Lying Al Muratsuchi for "Trump-Hadley" Deception

The Daily Breeze should be greatly, widely applauded for their editorial slamming Al Muratsuchi for his empty, abortive, and fraudulent "Trump Hadley" signs posted throughout the South Bay.

That media stunt played out very badly for Muratsuchi, who ended up losing more support across the district, particularly among Democrats and liberal-leaning independents.

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Two years ago, David Hadley pulled off the upset and unseated Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi in a race to represent the 66th Assembly District, which includes Gardena, Redondo Beach and Torrance.

Please do not forget Lomita, Harbor City, and Palos Verdes!

In the time since, Hadley, a Republican, has served the district well. A fiscal conservative who has worked on bipartisan efforts to enhance transparency in education and reform the abusive practice of asset forfeiture, Hadley has also made clear his preference for keeping government out of the private lives of individuals.

Isn't it nice to know that as assembly is representing a district "well" according to the reports of the local press?

That kind of praise is all too rare, especially since California has turned into a one-party Democratic state where special interests and perverse policies hold sway against the best interests of all Californians.

Yet Muratsuchi, who’s running to unseat Hadley on Nov. 8, would like voters in the district to think Hadley is someone he isn’t. “Hadley Trump” signs have popped up throughout the district, paid for by the Muratsuchi campaign in a specious attempt to draw connections where there are none.

This was one of the stupidest campaign stunts.

How many times does David Hadley have to explain to voters that he is not voting for Trump, and does not support him?

He wrote a full-blast editorial about this matter. He lost some support from key Republicans, but he has more than made up for this concern by explaining to individual  voters directly his reasons.

And you know what? He has done a great job in the state legislature, that his decision not to vote for Trump is a small matter.

For political candidates, tying an opponent to their party’s presidential candidate is nothing new. But such a strategy has merit only if the opponent actually shares the vision of his party’s presidential contender, be it Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Reminder: Al Muratsuchi is a vocal, virulent supporter of Hillary Clinton.

When she isn't hacking and spewing, she is running away from the FBI, the CIA, and every major newspaper reporter looking for facts and information--howbeit far and in between good journalists may be

In this case, the Muratsuchi campaign is engaging in a purely superficial campaign that says more about Muratsuchi than it does Hadley.

Yes indeed. I could not have written it better.

Muratsuchi is obsessed with the national conference.

Most people have given up worrying about that race. Hard-core Republicans who participate in every volunteer operation imaginable are not that caught up in the Presidential race.

They will vote for Donald Trump, but the long-term successes and implications of a Hadley victory mean so much more to California Republicans, including this one.

I want Hadley to win most of all - and Trump's victory, while important, is a close second in importance for me.

“My opponent Al Muratsuchi doesn’t want to run against David Hadley,” Hadley said in a statement. “He wants to run against Donald Trump. Since I do not support Mr. Trump and never have, he has had to resort to desperate and dishonest election tactics to try to make the connection.”

Al Muratsuchi is either lazy, uninformed, or is surrounded by weak advisors.

Did they really think that they could play the Trump card for five months and win?

South Bay residents want solutions. They want results. They want a plan.

David Hadley has already outlined his agenda.

Better schools, better jobs, preserve the South Bat quality of life, and bring balance to this one-party state.

Even the website put up by the Muratsuchi campaign is embarrassingly light on information actually linking Hadley to Trump. That’s because, beyond both being Republicans, there isn’t a serious connection.

It's not serious. It's uite laughable and sad.

Just two weeks away, Easy Reader News exposed the Muratsuchi campaign's disturbing and invasive trackers, who have followed David Hadley and his family--even from home--to try and catch him in a mistake or off-guard.

The website is a total dud, by the way, since no one really visits it, and few people have actually watched any of the videos.

I have a very small following on YouTube, and my videos have gotten more views!

“Why won’t David Hadley vote against Donald Trump?” asks the website.

Turns out, Hadley hasn’t voted for Trump. “I will repeat one more time: I have never supported Donald Trump, I did not vote for him in the primary and I will not be voting for him in the general election,” Hadley said.

Question answered. Next issue?

Voters would be better served if Muratsuchi emphasized his contrasts with Hadley. But perhaps Muratsuchi realizes voters in the district already got a sense of that last time and voted him out for just that reason.


What a perfection summation of the sad, defeated Muratsuchi campaign!

The Daily Breeze has made some good decisions, including their endorsement for David Hadley for State Assembly.

Lest I forget - they are endorsing him for RE-election!

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