Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rep. Ed Royce at DPP Celebration: Informed, Engaged, and Respectful

In contrast to Congresswoman Judy Chu, Ed Royce approached the podium with a lot of warmth and strength.

He greeted the entire room in Chinese.

Everyone responded very happily.

He talked about his role as Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee.

He strongly asserted the common interests of the two countries.

Unlike Congresswoman Chu, he demonstrated a clear understanding of what is going on in the world.

Here are his remarks to the entire delegation:

The crowd erupted in strong support for his remarks.

Later in the meeting, one of the party board members offered to take questions from the audience.

I was the second person to raise my hand.

I knew that this question would stir some upset, but I was not afraid to ask the following questions:

1. What is the biggest issue that you want President Trump to be aware of?

2. Did you have a favorite in the United States' Presidential election?

There was a murmur in the audience.

Then Congressman Royce leapt up, and offered an amendment to my question:

At first I was a little offended.

I felt that he was trying to take away my uestion.

(More on that in a minute).

The DPP Board member answers my first uestion. 

The biggest concern for the new party in power ... is to ensure that military sales and euipment provisions continue.

The worst case scenario for American interests in the South China Sea would be if Communist China targeted, then took over Taiwan, and the United States military would not have the armed power to fight back.

China has been asserting more territorial interest throughout the region, and even fight with Japan over a few islands south of that nation.

As for the second uestion -- it was pretty clear that some of the staffers with the DPP delegation motioning to him about something.

DPP Board Member took questions from the audience

The interpreter standing next to the board member translated my question, and the answer I received about which candidate they favored to be President of the United States ...

"Come with me to Taiwan, and when we go into a dark room, and close the door, then I will tell you the candidate I wanted to see win the Presidency!"

Everyone in the room laughed, and Congressman Royce even indicated to me that my question was a good one to ask.

"That is the politically correct answer!" the interpret replied.

That was really funny.

Then the next that happened really impressed me.

Congressman Ed Royce came up to me and explained why he had cheerfully added an amendment to my uestion.

Apparently, the Obama Administration had intervened in the Taiwanese presidential elections, too, and any sentiment which suggested that they would try to do the same would have offended or alarmed anyone.

I cannot believe how destructive and inter-meddling Barack Obama has been all over the world.

He tried to have Benjamin Netanyahu thrown out of office in Israel.

He forced Justin Trudeau into power in Canada.

Then he sides with the long-standing Kuomintang dictatorship in Taiwan?!


Shameful indeed!

Royce was very supportive and respectful, too.

I later learned that Congressman Royce and the Republicans in Washington have been working closely  with the DPP,  Even though they are a left-leaning party, there is a lot of opportunity to bring them toward the center, and embrace free markets and free enterprise, limited government and individual liberty.

Later, I noticed how Congressman Royce worked the rooms, greeting all kinds of people. He had opted to stay for the greater part of the evening, while Judy Chu had left earlier.

Nota Bene: Royce does not even represent Monterey Park! He showed more constituent service and connection that their own Congresswoman!

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