Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Corrupt Mayor Graciela Ortiz Discriminates Against Us, Never Called Out Disruptive Elements for Being Out of Order

The Huntington Park City Council gets more irritated with every visit that We the People Rising pays to the City Council.

We will not stop pounding them for their illegal actions, until the two illegal aliens are removed from the city commissions, and they comply with federal law.

Here's one of the illegal aliens, Francisco Medina, running away from me:

They crossed the line once again, throwing out law-abiding citizens while ignoring the corrupt, terrible behavior of their own elements.

Mike McGetrick of Orange County mocked the Hillary Clinton supporters who still refuse to accept the outcome of the election.

You can hear the snicker of five rude people in the back of the audience.

When McGetrick finished his comments, he called out the rude and disrespectful behavior of the five people who were laughing and acting up, deliberately interrupting and disrupting the meeting.

I called out Mayor Ortiz for her selective enforcement.

She was really shaken up.

She then claimed that she had warned me three times, when in fact there is no record for her calling me out of order three times.

I could see Karina Macias lose her peace, too.

Did she really think that they were going to get away with this?

The police officers who escorted me out of the building later told me that the city council had ordered me to leave.

It was nothing personal. He later commented that indeed it was unfair, in that the five audience members acting up behind us were being rude and disruptive

Here are his comments.

Then two other members of our team--Sandra and Cheryl--commented that indeed this was selective enforcement, and it was wrong.

Contact the Huntington Park City Council and tell them to apologize for their shameful, discriminatory behavior against We the People Rising.

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