Monday, November 7, 2016

Muratsuchi's Campaign Manager Calls George Nakano a Delusional LIAR?!

Al Muratsuchi has surrounded himself with some very sordid people.

He invited a bunch of left-wing Democrats down to Sacramento to rally for him. It was a pretty sad sight, particularly because the volunteer base for Al is pretty slight.

How many people can a candidate insult before they start realizing: "I don't want this guy anywhere near me, let alone represent me in Sacramento!"

Then there's his campaign manager Mike Shimpock.

Ugh. Some politicos have called him a dirt bag or a slimeball.

George Nakano

Why not come to your own conclusion when you read what he had to say about former Torrance City Councilman and State Assemblyman George Nakano.

In the Daily Breeze, the former councilman described Al Muratsuchi like this:

“He’s unresponsive to his constituents,” Nakano said, adding Muratsuchi was a no-show at several events he had previously committed to attend.

That's true, too!

But Muratsuchi's campaign manager had to open his big mouth ...

Shimpock countered that Nakano’s remarks were not “rooted in reality” and there was “not a lot of truth to it.”

So ...

George Nakano is delusional, since his comments are not "rooted in reality", when the truth is that Muratsuchi is a self-serving politico who no longer lives in Torrance to begin with.

Let's not forget that as a one-term assemblyman, Muratsuchi promoted the best interests of the special interests, not the public interest he had sworn to uphold and protect.

He sided with gutting Prop 13.

He voted for drivers' licenses for illegal aliens.

He even voted to force the minimum wage, even though businesses are crying out for any kind of relief from the onerous tax climate in California.

Muratsuchi dishonors the WW2 military vets.

And his campaign manager dishonors the Dean of Japanese-American politics in the South Bay.

No wonder Al is losing!

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