Sunday, November 6, 2016

From Craig Huey: URGENT: 7 Little-Known Election Resources


Dear Arthur Schaper,

This is the most important election of your lifetime … if for no other reason, it’s all about the Supreme Court.

Will we elect a President who honors the Constitution and appoints strict constructionists who respect life and individual liberty?

Or will we elect a President who believes that the Constitution is a “living document” which can mean whatever a liberal, judicial activist thinks it should mean, and legislate from the bench?

These life-time appointments will determine the course of our country for at least another generation!

To help you vote for your values—not against them—here are 7 little-known election resources you can use—and share:
  1. What is your plan to vote? When? Are you prepared?  Many won’t vote, largely because they never planned it.
  1. For California Audiences: Do you know where to vote? If you are not sure where to cast your ballot on Election Day, click here.
  1. For California Audiences (for readers outside of California, click here for other state links): For information on how to vote in more local elections in your area—Congress, state senate, state assembly, etc.—Check out my online voter guide! Just click on your county, mark your sample ballot … or print out our recommendations.

Or view our recommendations on your mobile phone at the poll.

Hint: if you use your mobile phone, make sure to fill out your ballot at home first, so that you what to do.

Click here.
  1. Check out my website Presidential Central to learn where the Presidential candidates stand on major issues.

Click here.
  1. If you missed my Election Forum talks, don’t worry!

You can watch my FREE Webinars here!
  1. To learn about the policy differences and get recommendations in the National Election, check out my Presidential Webinar.

Click here.
  1. To get information for California readers (US Senate and the 17 confusing propositions), listen to my California Webinar.

Click here.

  1. Radio Interviews. For more information on why this Election is so important, and why you should not sit this election out, listen to my interview with Roger Marsh.

Click here.

Also, listen to my other interview with Douglas V. Gibbs on KMET radio. I talk about the propositions, and the latest news which indicate a huge improvement for Trump’s chances in Election 2016.

Click here.
  1. Help Others. Need to help friends vote? Use our group and church voter guides for distribution. You can access our church voter guide here. You can access our general voter guide here.

Finally, we need your help. Forward this letter to people on your distribution list. Join me in making a difference.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

See you at the polls!

Best wishes,

Craig Huey
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