Thursday, November 3, 2016

Election 2016: Vote for Paul Chabot!

We need the Republican resurgence back in the Inland Empire.

The last time a Republican represented Redlands-Red Land!-Gary Miller had moved to the region because he could not win in a newly-drawn district in Northeastern Orange County.

Miller was lucky, because he entered the Top Two general election facing off against another Republican.

Hence, "The Miller Effect" was born.

Instead of fighting for the seat in 2014, despite what would have been a lower turnout and a likely win for his cause, Miller retired.

Peter Aguilar, then the mayor of Redlands, ran again. He had run in 2012, but came in third place, just behind the Top Two finishers.

Now, the race was a battle between integrity and insidiousness.

Peter Aguilar, now termed Agui-LIAR, unleashed a torrent of hate mailers throughout the 31st district.

In spite of the 10-to-1 money advantage for the Democratic Party, and in spite of the hordes of labor support, Aguilar only won by three points.

And Paul Chabot was ready to fight for the seat again!

What is special about Paul Chabot for me?

Why does a South Bay resident in Los Angeles County want to see Chabot win?

He is a class act.

He listens to other people.

He has a good spirit about himself.

He is a Christian who cares about the Gospel.

He is outspoken in his pro-life and pro-family views.

He has a stern focus on fighting terrorism and improving the economy for all California residents.

He does not blame law-abiding gun owners for the domestic terrorism which attacked the staffers at the San Bernardino mental health center on December 2nd, 2015.

Let Paul Chabot speak for himself.

Watch here:

He is a red-blooded conservative, unafraid to stand for what is right.

This guy needs to be in Congress.

Vote for Paul Chabot!!!!

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