Friday, November 4, 2016

Huntington Park City Council Discriminates Against People Who Don't Look Like Them

The Huntington Park City Council is one of the most corrupt city councils in Los Angeles.

Second only to the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, of course!

Eric Bauman is nothing more than a base protege of Crooked Hillary - but that's another tall tale for another day.

The Huntington Park City council recognizes  no serious diversity.

Neither of skin color nor intellect.

White residents get no services, and black and Asian residents don't get much attention either.

But one evening in particular stands out when the city council showed deference to Hispanic residents and tried to subvert the rights of non-Hispanic speakers at the city council meeting.

February 16th, 2016.

Residents of the city of Huntington Park City Council served recall papers.

I was asked to announce the recall for two members: Karina Macia and Jhonny Pineda.

Instead of allowing me to speak, she repeatedly interrupted me with "That's not item #3. Are you speaking on Item #3?"

She does not interrupt other speakers, the ones who are Hispanic.

Why does she treat white people with such contempt?

Then check out the crap she pulled with Wes Parker:

They wanted to make me sit down when I wanted to stand with Wes.

But other people, who were of Hispanic descent, were allowed to have as many people as they wanted to stand at the podium.

Why this double-standard?

Of course, at the March 1, 2016 meeting, there was more discrimination.

Betty Retama was removed from the city council meeting for speaking on an agenda item during public comment.

But other members of the audience were permitted to speak on agenda items!

Macias labeled white people as racist. So did the current mayor Graciela Ortiz.

Here are their offensive comments:

The Huntington Park City Council does nice things for "Brown people"--particularly those who agree with their perverse, destructive policies.

But they dishonor anyone with a different skin color, and call them racists.

And now, the Huntington Park City Council has appointed Sergio Infanzon, a planning director for LA City Councilman Gil Cedillo, as community manager for Huntington Park.

This is the same thug who called Huntington Park a "Brown Town", when it isn't.

This is the same shameful man who told Shirley Husar to "Go back to Africa!"

Huntington Park City Councilmembers are the ones who are racist!

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