Thursday, November 3, 2016

Don't Drink Al's Kool-Aid: Hadley Fights for Clean Water for All Residents

And I thought that the Muratsuchi campaign could not get any worse.

They have called Hadley a money launderer.

They dispicably claimed that he should be in a jail cell.

Why not call him a pervert who enables child molesters ...

Oh wait, that line of attack will not work, precisely because Al Muratsuchi did that when he was in the state assembly.

He wanted to make it harder to get rid of pervert teachers, limit the number of witnesses and the length of testimonies, and make it harder to revise charges against suspect teachers.

Al Muratsuchi is a terrible candidate.

He has no integrity, and little apetite for actually talking to people.

What can a legislator do if he has no interest in doing what is in the best, in the public interest?

So, let's take a look at one of Crooked Al's latest mailers:

This is just plain pathetic.

Most of the time when David had been in the news, on TV--it has involved the water situation in Gardena.

Check out these videos below:

One Gardena residents informed me that every time a water meeting takes place, Hadley attends.

Now the argument rests on Hadley voting against cleaner water?


This is just perverse.

If anyone is dirty, it's Al Murastuchi, who is getting Big Money from Big Oil:

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