Tuesday, November 29, 2016

RPLAC Has Removed the Beach Cities Republicans From the LOCAL GOP List: Why?

As soon as I was elected to the Beach Cities Republicans, I had informed the Executive Director Jason Maruca to update the contact information for the Beach Cities Republicans.

Maruca made the changes.

I received phone calls from people in other parts of Southern California. They wanted to interact with the Beach Cities Republicans.

Our club has grown to 165 members.

It's been great seeing the club get active and involved. Members of the club have confronted elected officials. They have gotten busy helping their candidates get elected throughout the South Bay, too.

For the past three months, though, there has been rancor from some Central Committee members and leaders in RPLAC.

There was a shady attempt to have the BCR charter pulled, unless I stepped down as President.

No one should be forced out by bullying fiat. That is wrong.

Members of our club combined together to stop this attempted coup.

Now look what is happening ...

The LAGOP.ORG website has removed reference to the Beach Cities Republicans.

We are one of the largest clubs in the state and the largest in Los Angeles County (last time I checked) ...

Check out the page:

What is going on?

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