Saturday, November 12, 2016

La Raza-Connected WestCal Academy is Losing Advisors and Administrators. Why?

WestCal Academy has now been exposed.

The organization was supposed to help young minorities get acquainted with conservative ideas.

Hey--I think that is an excellent idea. Frankly, Los Angeles County needs to get more involved in that kind of outreach and activism.

Instead, they are pushing some mushy progressivism, including open borders.

This is insanity.

We have men and women, young people of all ages who want a solid education.


After I exposed what the Academy was really up to, I noticed that no so many names are listed there any longer.

Gary Aminoff

Lydia Gutierrez

And I notice that the financial officer--Gary Aven--is no longer there, either.

There is nothing like publicity to end misrule in our culture!

Here is a comment I read from a local blogger and conservative, Sandra Goetz:

Oh, so protesters in Los Angeles last night were chanting LA RAZA.

Huh. Same as the "moderate republicans" in the south Bay trying to hijack our groups. OH! Same as the thugs hired to protest by democrats at our Arpaio meeting.

Try to keep up. No rest is coming lol

Those enabling "moderate Republicans" include the people still running WestCal Academy, whatever is left of it:

This is all that's left.

Of the LEFT.

Let's fight back and fight for what is right!

We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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