Sunday, November 6, 2016

Legalized Theft and Subsidized Sloth: The Death of Any Nation.

It's really difficult to understand the toll of long-term unemployment.

Sometimes, I wonder if people are struggling to find work because they insist on a line of work which they had before, and are not willing to take a "less-skilled" form of employment.

I was a teacher for six years, with contract as well as substitute teacher work.

When I was laid off my lost teaching assignment I started applying for jobs in other fields.

I worked in a grocery store for three years. It's a job, and there is nothing wrong with working.

Some people would indicate that I should be doing something more skill-oriented or challenging.

That kind of an attitude betrays the sense of entitlement which has gripped all too many.

There is nothing shameful about working.

The real shame is not working, and expecting someone else to pay all your bills.

That is wrong.

That is unacceptable.

Now, I have heard others tell me that because they are older, they will not be able to find work.

Yet I have met many people, elderly but not inform, who have found work.

The truth is, no one has to struggle with unemployment, as long as they are flexible and willing to take on jobs which they would not normally consider.

I believe very much in the grace of God as well, and that's what really makes the difference.

I both know and believe His love for me, that He wants me to prosper and be in health--even as my soul prospers (3 John 2)

Why did I struggle in one area of my life for the three years?

I kept seeing God as a bait-and-switch deity, or that I might do something which would displease Him.

Yet His nature is to bless. Why? Because His Son more than paid for our sins, granted us His life, and accorded us His perfect standing of righteousness!

What more can one hope for?

95 million people are out of work.

How much of this unemployment is a result of expanded benefits that make it easier not to work in the first place?

More welfare, more food-stamps, more unemployment, and you have the recipe for stagnant unemployment.

It's just that simple.

States and the federal government should make it easier to get a job.

Now, about the general statistic relating to unemployment.

The feds want to make it seem that the rate of unemployment has plummeted to 5%.

They willfully disregard the growing number of people who have given up looking for work entirely. Those numbers do not factor into the superficial unemployment rate.

Also, the number of people working part-time jobs. Those jobs are not covering the rising costs of living, health care, and safety. The staggering, elitist bias should alarm everyone,

One pundit--Mort Zuckerman--commented that at least one man out of five does not wake up and go to a job. That is a staggering loss of time and potential.

Unemployment benefits have made it all that much easier for people not to work.

It's immoral for our government to make it harder to get a job, but make it easier to get on the dole. Legalized theft and subsidized sloth are the death of any nation.

What happens when someone has nothing demonstrable on their resume for six months, a year, or even two years? Prospective employers get nervous. Why should I hire this person? There is no reliable record of employment to depend on.

Work is a moral good, and it is a great evil that the current administration has done so much to make sure that the majority of us can do so little.

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