Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election 2016: "Equality California" Throws a Trumper-Tantrum!

 Let's state the facts plainly.

Equality California is not about equality.

They are about tyranny.

And now their time is short.

Check out their sueamish, sad eblast lamenting the election of Donald Trump:

Equality California
Friend --

We are deeply saddened and disappointed at the outcome of the presidential election -- in which Donald Trump was apparently elected as the 45th president of the United States.

There is nothing apparent about it. He is our President now!

I also like that in his first speech to the public, he did not cave and pander to the LGBT (whatever) community.

There is none.

Given Mr. Trump’s choice of a running mate and prior statements about his intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act, round up and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants – many of whom are LGBT -- and to appoint Supreme Court justices who would reverse marriage equality and thwart LGBT civil rights protections, we must brace ourselves for the challenges we will face with a Donald Trump presidency. 

Notice the nuanced language "undocumented immigrants." That's outrageous! Immigrants are those who enter this country legally. "Illegal alien" is the proper term.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We must remember that our community has overcome serious obstacles and challenges in the past through education, organizing, building partnerships and appealing to the best in the American people.

Equality California will remain vigilant and continue to advocate for full equality and social justice for our community both inside and outside California.

The game is over, 

After a campaign that played on racism, sexism, religious intolerance and division, our focus will be to advance the values of respect, tolerance and inclusion for LGBT people and all the communities that we are a part of.

Honestly, all of the charges above belong to the Democratic Party candidate.

Donald Trump connected with wide swaths of Middle America, and also men and women in urban as well as rural settings.

Whatever he capitalized on to make those connections, the rest of us ahve to learn to follow s

In solidarity,

Rick Zbur
Executive Director

Equality California

Final Reflection

Donald Trump pledged to be the President for all Americans, even individuals who claim to be LGBT.

It was heartening to hear him mention ethnic status, race, and class when he called for unity in this country, but not sexual behavior or preferences.

It's time to stop defining people by their behaviors, but rather by their natural rights before a loving God.

The Preamble of our Constitution does not talk about "The Blessings of Liberty" for nothing.

If we want to Make America Great Again, we need to make Mom and Dad, Family, and Natural Marriage Great Again, too.

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