Tuesday, November 22, 2016

AD-66 Chairwoman Janice Webb Violates RPLAC By-Laws, Moved Central Committee Meeting to a Private Location

I have written at length about Janice Webb's unethical behavior in the past.

As Chairwoman of the AD-66, she has plotted with other members to try to have me removed from the Presidency of the Beach Cities Republicans.

She told me to call off a meeting because Latinos Por Trump were the featured speakers.

She said that I was not fit to lead the Beach Cities Republicans.

And yet ...

The members elected me for a second term!

Just wonderful!

I had hoped that Mrs. Webb would have met with the Beach Cities Republicans to explain why she had engaged in the actions which she had done.

I expected her to attend the November 17th, 2016 meeting.

She would have had the chance to speak to the club--and vote for someone else as President, too, if she wished.

I then informed her that I would be attending the next AD-66 Central Committee meeting.

Here is the contents of the email which I sent:

To the 66th AD Central Committee:

I am saddened and displeased that Chairwoman Janice Webb did not attend the Thursday, November 17th Beach Cities Republicans meeting to explain to the members of my club the reasons for the following actions she has engaged in:

1. Covertly trying to remove me as Beach Cities Republicans President.

2. Threatening me to cancel a regularly scheduled meeting on October 20th.

3. Calling my work and telling my boss to pressure me to cancel the above mentioned meeting. That action was offensive, immoral, and apparently illegal.

4. Colluding with members of RPLAC leadership (from what I can gather) to threaten BCR members with revocation of our charter if I did not step down as President.

5. Refusing to speak to me or the club members about these inappropriate actions at the October 20th meeting. I must add that Vice-Chair Ken Hartley did attend the meeting, but failed to provide further information.

Other central committee members throughout the county and local Republicans have learned about the Chair's behavior--and are very displeased.

I request an agenda item to the November 21st Central Committee meeting:

  • Discussion of the 66th AD Central Committee Executive offices.

I intend to attend the 66th AD meeting this coming Monday, November 21.

Please confirm that you have received this email.

Thank you.

Arthur Christopher Schaper
President, Beach Cities Republicans

One of the other Central Committee members had informed me that the meeting would take place at:

November 21, 2016—7:00pm
23215 Hawthorne Blvd. Ste E

Torrance, CA 90505

Aka David Hadley's old campaign headquarters.

I did not intend to show up right away, since I was working on another project at the time.

I received two phone calls from two of the Central Committee members.

Omar Navarro, the Beach Cities Republicans newly-elected First Vice-President.

Then Rick Marshall, the President of the Torrance-Lomita Republican Assembly.

They both informed me that there was no meeting at the location.

I was really confused about all of this.

I went to the headquarters myself to see what was going on.

Here is my video:

The next day, I spoke with one of the Central Committee members.

He informed me that he was heading toward the Hadley headuarters, but the received a message at the last minute ... to go to the Kiwanis Club in Hermosa Beach.


Why weren't other people notified of this sudden change?

Another member of the Central Committee also did not get the message about the sudden change.

And neither did the public at large.

Rick Marshall wrote to me to explain what was going on:

Janice called me after 9:00 p.m. returning my voice mail to her at 7:00 asking where the meeting was. She indicated that they had to get out of the headquarters (I don’t know why, Hadley is the one who paid the month’s rent) and so held the meeting elsewhere. She explained it was an oversight on her part that the ex-officio’s were not informed. She promised that would not happen again. She didn’t offer what happened at the meeting and I didn’t ask.

Notice how she refused to offer any details.

My contact at the meeting informed me that for members of RPLAC were there, though.

It must have been an important meeting, or something.

What is going on?

Omar Navarro was particularly displeased, and recorded the following on his Facebook account.

Here's his second video.

FYI: Omar Navarro announced his intentions to run for Chair of the AD-66th GOP Central Committee.

His ascension would remove Janice Webb, who has not demonstrated wise and appropriate leadership for the Committee.

Her challenger was given one address, but they went to another address?

What is this? Chicago?!

Here are his comments online from his website blog:

66th AD Republican Party Janice Webb Tries to Get Rid of Me from attending my first Central Committee meeting. I am supposed to be attending the Central Committee with the intention of getting things done within the Republican Party. The first thing I thought, why would the central committee members ignore numerous calls? Why would they change locations last minute?

Well it’s plain and simple, I was recently elected the 1st Vice President of the Beach Cities Republican Club. It is one of the biggest Republican Clubs in the South Bay area and before I was elected I announced I would be running for the Central Committee Chair position within the board. I would bring unity to the Republican Party in the South Bay and by bringing the party together and not dividing it.

This is why the party remains in the past, because of the leadership Janice Webb represents in the South Bay. When I met Janice Webb, I made the attempt to work with her only to find out she is not easy to work with. I was shrugged off by her and I learned she tried to attempt an unreasonable mutiny towards the Beach Cities Republican President and Town Hall Writer Arthur Schaper.

We need real leadership in the Republican Party and that doesn’t represent Janice Webb but Omar Navarro for Central Committee Chair.

Assembly District 66 Represents

South Bay of Los Angeles, including Gardena, Lomita, Torrance, the Beach cities (Hermosa, Manhattan, Redondo), cities of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and parts of Los Angeles (Harbor City/Harbor Gateway) and unincorporated Los Angeles County (El Camino Village and West Carson).

For the record ...

Chairwoman Janice Webb violated RPLAC By-Laws:

RPLAC By-Laws, Article XIV, Section 6. Meetings of District Committees.

a. The District Committee may be convened at any time upon the call of the Chairman
or upon the written call signed by not less than six (6) Regular Members and/or Ex-Officio
members or a majority, whichever is the lesser, of the Senatorial or Congressional District
Committee and not less than four (4) Regular Members and/or Ex-Officio Members of an
Assembly District Committee. It shall be the duty of the Chairman to preside at such meetings,
and he shall be entitled to vote on all business. Notice of meetings called by the Chairman shall
be given by the Secretary to each Regular Member, Alternate Member and Ex-Officio Member
of the Committee as provided for in this Section.

Janice Webb: Playing Hide-n-Seek
with her Central Committee Members?

When meetings are called by Regular Members and/or Ex-Officio Members of the
Committee, at least five (5) days notice in writing shall be given in advance of such meetings to
every Regular Member and Ex-Officio Member not joining in the call, and such notice shall likewise state the purpose for which the meeting is being called. Notices of time and place of all
meetings of the District Committee shall be sent to the Chairman and Secretary of the County
Committee. Minutes from all District Committee meetings shall be forwarded to the Secretary
of the County Committee within ten (10) days of such meeting. In the event the minutes are
amended or corrected at a subsequent meeting, such amended or corrected minutes should be
sent to the Secretary of the County Committee within ten (10) days of such correction or

b. Frequency of meetings. The Assembly District Committees shall meet, preferably
monthly but at a minimum, quarterly, and such meetings shall be called by written notice as

specified in Section 6.a. of this Article.

This abusive of authority, this lack of transparency has become particularly disconcerting.

Enough is enough.

Contact the RPLAC leadership, and ask them to explain what is going on, and to hold AD-66 GOP Central Committee Chairwoman Janice Webb accountable for the lack of notice.

Mark Vafiades: RPLAC Chairman: (818) 558-7600 mark@lagop.com
Gary Aminoff, By-Laws Committee Chairman: (310) 387-6900 gaminoff@gmail.com

Jason Marcua, Executive Director: (818) 783-4308, jason@lagop.org

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  1. It sounds like Some unanimous decisions need to be made and if they can't the tribes need to split up. That is the way some indian tribes avoided conflict with their people. What harm is it to the goals of the party for two different groups to be working toward them from different directions?
    ___ If she is a rogue sociopath then you must find a way to direct her energy away from the group.
    ___ It could be that she is a fake member of the group there to disrupt it and not working toward its goals but against them.
    ___ If so she needs to be bared even if you loose some members.