Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We the People Rising Celebrate Trump Presidency in Illegal Alien Haven Huntington Park

November 15th, 2016.

I could not wait to visit Huntington Park after Trump's epic victory the week before.

The outcome was not just exciting, but vindicating. The media, the Establishment, the Open-Borders lobby, all the forces of the statist status uo lost!

For the past year and a half, We the People Rising have protested in "Little TJ" or "Illegal Alien Park" because of their appointment of two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Now, We the People have a new chief executive, a new sheriff who will enforce the law.

Huntington Park has huge problems beyond their brazen, arrogant lawlessness.

They have declared war on charter schools.

The streets are full of trash, and the latest revitalization project has massively failed.

Drugs and crime are syndemic in the streets.

The alleys are dirty.

Pacific Blvd has been torn up, and the businesses along the wide and well-known thoroughfare are failing.

Plus the burdened power of the public sector unions, the Big Green Agenda that is shutting down lanes in larger streets, the parking problems, and the massive influx of illegal aliens--Huntington Park which used to be a glorious, beautiful city, has turned into a third-world ghetto.

No wonder the city council approved the appointment of two illegal aliens. Their driven, craven, and corrupt open borders agenda is harming the city.

Francisco Rivera, who has lived in Huntington Park longer than I have been alive, commented on how the rule of law has been abandoned in his home town, and what illegal immigration has done to his once beautiful community:

The election of Donald Trump will turn things for the better throughout the country.

Border security agents are thrilled that they have a commander in chief who will let them do their job.

The families who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens can rest, knowing that their dead family members will finally get justice.

And in Huntington Park, we rubbed the arrogant city councilmembers' faces in the victory, and warned them abruptly about the coming enforcement against sanctuary cities.

Check out our victory photos below:

Francisco Rivera was particularly thrilled. I commended him at the podium during my public comment because of his courage. He was not afraid to declare his support for Donald Trump, even though Huntington Park is heavily Democratic, Latino, and nearly half the city residents are illegal aliens.

The rest of We the People Rising were not afraid to show our pride in Donald Trump's victory, either!

Everyone who showed up had something powerful to say to the Huntington Park Corruptitos.

Deanne D'Lean comes all the way from Victorville (with Raul Rodriguez of Apple Valley) to protest the appointments of illegal aliens to city commissions, and the general lawlessness which spreads because of illegal immigration:

Deanne has struggled with severe health problems. but she is not weak or frail in any way. She stands up and fights for what is right!

Raul Rodriguez stepped up to condemn all sanctuary cities, including the larger urban (Democratic) cities of New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

These urban centers need to be revitalized or shut down entirely.

New leadership is needed in these cities, which have become the major epicenters of illegal immigration in our country. Corrupt political machines and greedy special interests take advantage of illegals, who in turn exploit law-abiding taxpayers.

Raul was decked in full America glory when he addressed the Huntington Park City Council.

Chanell Temple arrived a little later.

She gave one of the most informed, rousing, and blunt speeches last year. Her words were reported and recorded all over the world!

Here is the speech she gave in August, 2015:

And here were her remarks on November 15th, 2016, after Donald Trump's election victory:

She was crystal clear about the wrong they were doing. In the audience a group of rude Hispanic residents interrupted her remarks, and the city council said and did nothing.

The Huntington Park Corruptitos are pitiful yet defiant. This arrogance won't last long when the federal government cuts off the funding.

Next came Robin Hvidston, the leader of We the People Rising.

She has stood up to cowardly peace officers, and she has driven corrupt politicians crazy all over the state.

Immigrants are required to enter our country legally. They are to reside under legal auspices.

If they do not want to respect the law, then they need to leave.

Valentin Amezuita, the only honest councilmember in Huntington Park, addressed the city council next. He gave an open plea to everyone in the city council chambers and throughout the country, that we should welcome President-elect Trump with the same courtesy which Preisdent George W. Bush had given to Barack Obama when he assumed office in 2009.

The trade deals which are killing jobs here and going to China--that needs to be stopped. American eocnomic and military strengh need to be restored, too.

Wes Park of Bellflower denounced the city council's rampant lawlessness.

Earlier in the year, he destroyed the city council's racist underpinnings when they attempted to silence us and forbid our gathering at the podium:

He is also one of the funniest members of We the People Rising, mocking the stupid arrogance of the four racist city councilmembers who treat citizenship as a hollow trifle while glorifying illegal aliens

Then Mike McGetrick of Orange County yelled at their hateful disregard for our nation's laws, and the wicked abuse of American citizens at the hands of illegal aliens and their enablers.

The five children sitting behind us continued making rude remarks and attacking us.

We were not deterred.

We the People Rising celebrate the Election of Donald Trump!

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