Thursday, November 17, 2016

Gwen Posey Protects Charter Schools in Los Angeles

Gwendolyn Posey--a conservative, a Republican, and most importantly a school choice advocate, is running for LAUSD School Board this year.

Her stance in defense of charter schools is reason enough to put her on the school board of the second largest school district in the country.

We need Posey!

PLEASE contact her and show her your support (and donate to her campaign!)

Thank you, Dr. Hernandez, for getting the word out on Posey's accomplishments!

Press Release

Who:    LA School Board Candidate Gwendolyn Posey
What:   Stops LAUSD Work Force Housing Project
Where:  Sun Valley
When:   November 16, 2016 7:00AM
Contact: Gwendolyn Posey 818 794-0544

Los Angeles,

Gwendolyn Posey, a candidate for LAUSD Board District 6, in the North-East San Fernando Valley has been successful in reversing a proposed project for Work Force Housing on LAUSD property which had been pledged to a local Charter School.

The issue involves a two-acre vacant lot across the street from Sun Valley High School and North Valley Military Institute at 12105 Allegheny St, Sun Valley California.

What began as a community clean up where community members along with Posey worked together to clean the lot, ended in a very contested controversy over the future use of the property.

During the preparation for the cleanup, it was learned the property was owned by LAUSD.

Following the calls for future efforts to keep the lot clean, the current school board member submitted a resolution to the full LAUSD Board to look at development of “Work Force Housing” at the location.

Gwendolyn Posey learned the property had been previously pledged to the Charter School on two occasions.

Gwendolyn Posey Defends Charter Schools

Upon learning of the Work Force Housing Motion, Mrs. Posey mobilized community members and held meetings with the Board Member to stop the Work Force Housing Development and deliver the property to the School.

On November 15, 2016, the issue was on the Agenda of the Sun Valley Neighborhood Council.  The Council heard from Community Members, School Representatives as well as the Current Board Member and Staff.

A motion was passed by the council to urge the current board member to rescind her motion for work force housing and use the property for direct educational purposes only.

The Board member announced she would honor the councils request and advise the LAUSD Superintendent of her decision to rescind the motion.

The Council, community members and Mrs. Posey requested that the property be given to North Valley Military Institute as previously agreed upon and it be used for educational purposes whatever deemed needed by the school.

The member also stated, the property could be delivered to the Charter School by week’s end.

Mrs. Posey is thankful for the rapid and successful action taken by the Neighborhood Council, Community Members and the District.

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