Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blue States Going Red: Maine

The Pine Tree state has changed over the last eight years.

Barack Obama's fatuous regressive liberalism has rubbed the common man, Middle America, the business owner, and every other American looking to restore the natural rights and values of our country.

Generally speaking, Maine was a center-left state for a number of years.

Barack Obama's overreach, however, fired up voters and got Republicans into the "Win" column in New England, particularly in Maine.

Five general election candidates competed for the Governor's mansion.

One of them was named Paul LePage. The former grocery store manager, owner, then councilman and mayor of Waterville, Maine surprised everyone on Election Night 2010.

He had won a plurality of 39% of the vote, but he was the new governor.

He cut food stamps, imposed a worker's requirement in order to receive unemployment and welfare.

He cut taxes, stood up to the imposition of the federal government, agitated for the restored respect for the 10th Amendment.

He also resisted taking in refugees and welfare migrants.

LePage has helped shape the culture in Maine.

He got constitutional carry passed in his state, too.

A blue haven is turning into a red bastion.

Let's also affirm a few other realities.

Because of the political as well as cultural changes in Maine, more Republicans are winning.

Republicans now control the state senate for the second election cycle in a row, and the Republicans have gained a new status which places them three seats away from a majority. The Governor is hard-nosed and uncompromising.

He has proven that conservative politics--and thus policies--can indeed shape the culture of the better, and ensure lasting victories.

For the first time in nearly twenty years, Maine has a re-elected Republican Congressman! ME-2 (the same district in which Trump won one electoral vote).

Bruce Poliquin

Bruce Poliquin represents a district still listed as D+5, but he has worked his way into the trust and respect of the Mainers in the northern part of the state.

He served as state party chair and also state treasurer. He worked his way through Maine politics gaining name recognition in connection with his conservative Governor.

The model which is turning Maine red should be spread across the country to other blue states.

If Paul LePage can work the back rooms of the Augusta legislature while he brings in more businesses, jobs, and economic growth, he might be able to pass right-to-work and further bankrupt the corrosive, divisive, and incompetent Democratic Party.

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