Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why Hawaii Has Gone Full Liberal

California is not the only deep blue state in the country which got bluer on Election Day.

Hawaii is now so blue, it's almost black.

Republicans lost one seat in the state house. The GOP numbers are abysmal: 45 Democrats to 6 Republicans.

The state senate is far worse.

At its founding, Hawaii had a Republican Governor and a Republican US Senator named Hiram Fong.

But Democratic dominance has transformed the state into a true blue dystopia for those who live there.

After Election 2016, Democrats won UNANIMOUS control of the upper chamber.

The sole Republican, Sam Slom, lost his seat in this election.

Haven't the Hawaiian people had enough of uber-liberal policies, which have raised costs precipitously in the state?

Blue Hawaii, indeed, and it's not just a song or a movie:

What has happened the moral core of Hawaii, too?

Check out Bill O'Reilly's spirited interview with Colleen Hanabusa, who just regained her Congressional seat this past election:

For starters, O'Reilly lists the disturbing rate of homelessness and food-stamps in the state.

Who would have known?

Check his further remarks here:

Regardless of Rep. Hanabusa's offense at some of his prior comments, Hanabusa sunk herself and exposed how corrupt and decrepit the political culture of his state has become.


For better context, their fight focused on Watters' World's report in Hawaii--and why the state is so liberal. He even asked people who lived there for their opinion:

How did all of this happen?

Rich California liberalism.

Lack of law enforcement.

Democratic dominance.


The whole list is a perfect storm for destructive Democratic dominance.

What did Huffington Post have to say? (Remember, HuffPo is pro-liberal):

Forget Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, and California. Hawaii is the most liberal state in the U.S. This falls under the category of “what Hawaii can teach the world.”

Actually, Hawaii is teaching people what NOT to do.

Currently, Governor Abercrombie called for a special session of the Legislature just to approve gay marriage. The left here is still scarred that it was not the first state to legalize it, and now they seek to make amends, and play catch-up ball.

This article was published 2013.

Hawaii is throwing down the proverbial liberal gauntlet. We humbly invite the rest of the country to turn off the Fox News Network — just briefly, and to look West and see that the most liberal of liberal states has, in fact, not imploded transforming into a cosmic black hole vortex threatening to transport the rest of the U.S. though time and space into some sort of liberal dark age that lasts for millenniums.

Actually, the state is heading toward utter bankruptcy, as the state is currently heaving under $10 billion in debt.

Elizabeth Warren’s cool, Bernie Sanders is awesome, and Franken and Klobuchar make quite the liberal dynamic duo. California is, well, California. Berkeley is more of a people’s republic, and is more like a liberal version of the Vatican, so they don’t count. Apples and oranges.

However, the number of elected Republicans here in our Legislature is only 8. Only one is in the state Senate. They call him, “The Lone Ranger.” The Republicans here aren’t your normal mainland Republicans either. Among them have been grassroots environmentalists, pro-gay rights, pro-animal, and good government politicians.

That state senator just got fired, as you know,

"Good government" politicians--sounds like "Freddie Kreuger Day Care." Would you want kid staying there during the day?"

Heck, the Green Party had two candidates running for seats in the Legislature against seriously strong candidates, and they each garnered 30 percent of the vote in their respective elections. Lest we forget, the Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign got the most convention delegates from the great state of Hawaii in 2004.

Dennis who? (point taken)

Our Governor, Neil Abercrombie, is an aging hippy. For the record, that’s a compliment here. Our state Supreme Court Chief Justice is a former wildlife attorney and he was a Republican appointed by a Republican. Tellingly, all but one Justice is more liberal than he is.


"Aging hippie" is pretty creepy (HuffPo needs to spell the word right, too, but whats's spell-check to a liberal, anyway?)

That, and our Congressional delegation is way liberal, and they have the high scores from liberal special interest groups, and donations from liberal PACs, to prove it.

Liberal special interests make all the difference, or the destruction, of Hawaii.

Last but not least, Hawaii did give the country its current president and liberal version of the conservatives’ Ronald Reagan — #44 himself, Barack Obama.

It is clear blasphemy to compare Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan. The Hawaiian people, and all Democrats, should consider comparing Obama to Jimmy Carter.

Except that would be an insult to Carter.

Why is Hawaii a liberal bastion? Simple.

Here comes the breakdown:

1) Politically savvy and well-organized left groups and unions... along with no organized right. Although the New Hope Church is still working on marching religious conservatives to the polls, outpacing all the fast food places combined in franchising efforts. However, AFSCME, UPW, Teamsters, hotel workers, longshoremen, carpenters, teachers, and university professionals all show up and put up for the Hawaii Dems. GLBTQ, animal, environment, health, and other left-leaning lobbies are also potent, especially in these fertile grounds.

Relatively small numbers form powerful groups, and they have taken over.

Conservative groups have not organized? Is there any hope that they can do better? Churches are the pride of the pro-life, pro-family movement. If their numbers are expanding faster than the fast-food restaurants, then a conservative counter-revolution may be in the works.

At this time, I am not holding my breath.

2) This place is so diverse racially and culturally it’s as if the UN was a whole state instead of a building in NY, except everyone in Hawaii gets along a lot better than the UN delegates do.

The party that turned “Self Deportation” from a liberal comedy skit into a policy platform and presidential primary litmus test has limited brand favorability ratings here. So much so that Republicans often hide their party affiliation to get elected. That last “Republican Wave” that swept the country never made it to Hawai`i’s shores.

It also crashed along the Rocky Mountains and never made an impact in California. A very troubling sign for the country, for California in particular.

Ergo, in Hawaii liberals can be out and proud. So you liberals on the mainland need to look yourselves in the mirror and repeat after Senator Al Franken, “I am good enough. I am smart enough. And gosh darn it, people like me.” Go ahead, you know you want to say it, “I am L.. L... LIBERAL!” There, now doesn’t that feel much better! Aloha!


Final Reflection

It seems to be that the abject poverty of so many is hard to escape.

If you live on an island, without the opportunity to get away to a better state, the only thing left is to resign oneself to the sad, destructive culture of barren, secular liberalism.

Government dependence reigns at an all-time high. Why work when someone else is footing the bills, right?

This "aloha" embrace of liberty makes no sense.

How can one claim to be free while dependent on someone else?

Another question--how extensive was federal aid in the state before its statehood?

To what extent has the influx of

How many people on the Hawaiian islands feel like Americans?

I spoke with one Hawaiian Republicans, and he told me that many native Hawaiians do not see themselves as Americans. That is too bad, and that needs to change.

A sense of pride in this country, and one's status as Americans, is crucial for wise (limited) governance. Every citizen should learn to love his country, yet hate his government.

Hawaii: The Bluest of Blue States

Now that the Republicans have no voice in the state senate, how far left will the state legislature go? Is there any limit to the tolerance of ordinary citizens to the encroachment of the state into their daily lives?


  1. Prostitution if run by the govmt like Nevada, nothing wrong with it. Marijuana? You're kidding right? Nothing but positives about it (compared to alcohol)

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  3. "Actually, the state is heading toward utter bankruptcy, as the state is currently heaving under $10 billion in debt."

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