Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why I Fight--Why I Crusade for Conservatism

Am I making too much noise? Did I bother you?

Did I make a few moneyed special interests mad because I refused to be quiet, and I refused to say "Let's just keep doing what we are doing"?

Have I disturbed the peace and quiet of leadership in the Republican Party of Los Angeles County? I have had lots of fun messing with the "undocumented politicians" of the Democratic Party, who now command a two-thirds majority in Sacramento once again.

I want the people who represent me and my values to represent ... me and my values.

I am tired of hearing stories from local elected officials who say that they get no help.


I am also tired of not seeing the loyal, royal opposition taking down the destructive, corrupt Democrats upending our entire way of life.

Republicans have truth on their side. It's time for us to plainly make our case.

What is the matter with California voters?

Why is it that so many people simply do not see what is happening to this once Golden State?

No one is giving them something better.

Speaker Anthony Rendon, a Democrat from Paramount, emphatically announced that the state legislature would focus on Latinos.


That's racist.

What about the rest of California? Just because my skin color is slightly lighter, does that mean I am no longer a man and a brother?

Business interests are taking an untold pounding from the state legislature. If you want to make money, you are like that black man getting attacked by the NYPD: "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!"

Who is going to raise the money in order to stop being dependent on third-house funding?

How are we going to led the fight to take back our state?

A moderation of values is not working.

A mindset of trying to have opposing view points unify under one tent is not working, either.

A clear, precise appreciation for this fact is crucial.

The battle for this state stands out in terms of black and white.

Either we secure our borders, respect our businesses, and honor taxpayers, or we do not.

Either our elected officials abide by their pledges, or they do not.

A wishy-washy all-encompassing, believe whatever you want Republican Party is simply not working.

Let's stand for something, let's reach out to everyone, and let's fight for an open society, free and opportune.

Life, family, marriage, integrity of individual sovereignty--all of this matters. Why are we running away from the very principles which make civilization possible?

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