Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Republicans Need to Shape the Culture, Even in California!

Democrats shape the culture.

They are not thinking only about the next election. They want to indoctrinate the next generation of voters. The pursuit of power is a religion for Democrats. This is what they do.

For Republicans, they have focused on committing a few months during election to win a seat.

But the voting bloc, the surrounding region has no interest or awareness in what Republicans are doing. What do they stand for? What are they promising to do for me?

Where's the registration?

Where are the volunteer efforts?

Where is the outreach?

Are there any Republicans at naturalization ceremonies?

Republicans need to work with New Media sources, too.

They need to take back the Institutions--news, entertainment, education.

It's not enough to campaign.

How about taking the Los Angeles Times away from the illiberal, regressive phalanx of the Democratic Party?

Education! School choice, helping teachers, students, and parents to learn the truth about our nation's founding.

All of this is crucial.

Right now, however, where is the outreach to pro-school interest groups?

Big Labor is still running amok in California. I remember talking to one Republican during a Christmas Party in Torrance, California.

"California will never become a right-to-work state."

Says who?

Donald Trump is going to appoint a conservative justice, and a 5 to 4 coalition will re-emerge to strike down forced unionism and agency fees.

What about other cultural concerns?

Family, life, marriage--all of these issues matter.

Communities with diverse ethnic interests or backgrounds are just as grounded in these values. Why would the Republican Party run away from these basic necessary values?

The problem with conservatives, however, is that they have not organized for the effort to coalesce and ensure a conservative party which thwarts the destructive, illiberal agenda of the special interest Democratic Party.

This is a zero-sum game.

Conservatives need to win--and everyone in the state of California will win, too!

Big money is funding major operations of the Republican Party, and those limited interests are focusing on a theme of financial security for a wealthy class, while disdaining the wide-spread of the entire Republican Party platform.

We the People define the culture in the United States and in the state of California.

The principles which found civilization should not be trifled with.

Republicans of California, it's time to shape the culture in the Golden State.

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