Saturday, November 12, 2016

AD-66 Chairwoman Janice Webb Tries to Get Rid of Me, Threatened Me to Cancel October 20th BCR Meeting -- Why?

Now that the election is over, I can speak more freely about local matters.

The Republican Party needs to focus on building up members, expanding our brand, extending our influence, and increasing our numbers.

Election 2016 has granted us a President who can start shaking things up in Washington DC, and enact policies and appoint Supreme Court Justices to ensure our Constitutional rights are protected and wipe out the eight torrid years of Barack Obama.

Now, I must share that one person (and perhaps a few others connected to her) were not acting in concert with these principles.

66th Republican Central Committee Chairwoman Janice Webb.

Under her leadership, she directed to have me removed as Beach Cities Republicans President.

I have faced a three-month behind the scenes onslaught against me and the club.

Initially, I was hoping to avoid this conflict, but now I have no choice.

It was in late August, and I received a phone call from a trusted source:

"Arthur, I hate to tell you this, but the AD-66th Central Committee is trying to get rid of you. It's sh--tty, but that's what is going on."

AD-66 Chairwoman Janice Webb

I was a little upset at first, but honestly, men and women have every right to remove people they do not like through an acceptable election.

No one gets to claim that their office belongs to them as an entitlement.

No one.

If people do not like my leadership at the Beach Cities Republicans, they have every right to amass votes or run.

Two things that bothered me about this covert effort, though:

1. They were secretive about it. If you differ with someone, you should have the courage to spell out your differences. Why not try to resolve conflicts, and then work together going forward?

2. The role of a Central Committee is to help get Republicans elected --not attack people within the party whom you do not like.

I must say Webb's behavior seemed very disconcerting.

I decided to speak with her directly about my concerns.

We met for coffee at a local Starbucks.

Before any other discussions, I outlined for her that sordid elements within WestCal Academy and connected to John-Paul Tabakian were engaging in illicit, illegal behavior.

You can read more about this unprincipled man and his cohorts here.

Hence, this video, which was a mean attempt to discredit me, and failed:

Afterwards, I asked her plainly why she was trying to remove me, and why she had stated clearly her concerns or disregard for my leadership.

She praised my intellect and courage, but claimed that my stance and values were inappropriate for leadership. I disagree, It is wrong to expect anyone to be an activist yet not lead by example.

She did not disagree about this secret attempt to remove me as President of the Beach Cities Republicans, either.

All of sudden, her demeanor changed, and she told me "Arthur, I am telling you--you must cancel your October 20th meeting.

"That meeting itself is a problem for us."

Yes, she put pressure on me to cancel the October 20th, 2016 Beach Cities Republicans meeting.

Here is the flyer:

I invited four Hispanic Americans to speak to the Beach Cities Republicans all Trump supporters.

A racist activist group--La Raza--threatened to protest and disrupt the meeting.

With help from other members, I arranged with the Torrance police department and the restaurant owner to ensure that everyone would be safe.

But Webb would not listen. She threatened that I would be blamed for the failure of David Hadley's re-election bid, because something would happen at the meeting that would be "video worthy". and would connect me to David Hadley to Donald Trump.

But I refused to be bullied, by a local committee chairman or this group of angry protesters.

I had learned how running away from conflict can make things worse, and embolden criminal protest elements like the ones that planned the "Shut Them Down" event.

She even claimed to speak on behalf of RPLAC and the AD-66 Committee.

I asked her if there were any bylaws which reuired me to cancel the  meeting.

She insisted there were none.

She actually expected me to make mass phone calls informing people that the meeting was canceled, so that there would be no email trail.

Not possible. I even explained to her that there was no way that we could dissuade large numbers from coming.

What happened next was particularly inappropriate.

Janice Webb called my place of work, and implored my employer to have me cancel the meeting.

I want you to read that again. Webb contacted my boss, my livelihood, and induced him to put pressure on me to cancel the meeting!


This kind of behavior is unacceptable.

No wonder a lot of Republicans feel disaffected in the South Bay and throughout Los Angeles County.

This kind of behavior is patently unacceptable.

Members of the Beach Cities Republicans were furious when I told them that elements had tried to stop me from hosting the October 20th meeting.

And it was a great meeting!

First of all, only one little protester showed up:

It was pathetic:

Check out the speakers below:


Francisco Rivera of Huntington Park

Raul Rodriguez of Apple Valley, and the leader of America First Latinos:

And finally:

Marco Gutierrez of Latinos Por Trump!!

We all have a reason to be excited here in the state of California, as well as across the country!

At the end of the meeting, we all gathered at the front of the room and sang "God Bless America!":

I spoke with Janice Webb privately, asked for an apology.

She simply said that RPLAC--Republican Party of Los Angeles County--would contact me .


Then I submitted another letter of redress to the AD-66 Central Committee, an received nothing from them.
"Please, get rid of Arthur! NOW!"

I have recently submitted another complaint to the Republican Party of Los Angeles County regarding the abusive and unsupportive behavior of the AD-66 Central Committee Chairwoman.

Please contact RPLAC, and ask them to hold Ms. Webb accountable for her conduct which has not been in standing with Republican Party values.

Republican Party of Los Angeles County  
Address: 16133 Ventura Blvd #560, Encino, CA 91436
Phone: (818) 558-7600

Please contact Janice Webb and Ken Hartley (The Chair and Vice-Chair of the 66th Assembly District Central Committee) for more information about this matter:

Final Reflection

This internal bickering is so counter-productive.

The unethical behavior of calling my work was especially egregious.

And then there was a sudden attempt from some RPLAC members to have the Beach Cities Republicans charter pulled unless I stepped down as President.

What is going on? Why is all of this happening in the South Bay? Is this kind of personal tiff and bickering going on in other parts of Los Angeles County or the state?

Republicans need to focus on challenging their local officials and getting Republicans elected.

Ms. Webb, based on sources I have spoken to, is engaging in a small version of the larger problem afflicting political parties as a whole. Too much control and micromanaging, and not enough courage to stand on principle and fight for what is right.

This kind of behavior must cease.


  1. I totally agree. The CA GOP is in in decline because it doesn't stand for anything anymore. Where are our conservative social positions. We think a fiscal conservative with liberal social values is the way to go. Didn't work for Hadley nor for Napalitano. Ayotte distanced herself from Trump and lost. So did Joe Heck in Nevada. So did Mark Kirk in Illinois but he was a very poor candidate to begin with. How much money did the LA County GOP poor into AD66 for what was obviously a losing cause. You can't piss off your conservative base and then expect to make it up with LGBTQ folks or Democrats. We can only win if we stand for all of our conservative values and not pick and choose which ones Charlie Munger likes so we can get his sizable donation. So the LA GOP gave acharter to a new club with no track record (South Bay Imact Republicans) and take away the charter from a long standing successful club (BCR). Does that make any sense? United we stand and divided we fall and let's not forget we need to stress our social values like God, country and apple pie. We also have a changing demographic. Trump gets it and went after the black and hispanice votes. He laid out his policy to these communities and told them "What do you have to lose". If AD66 doesn't follow his example there will be more nights like Tuesday before the local GOP wins anything but second place.

  2. Yes, Arthur. I am very surprised and disappointed about help from the Central Committee with our issues or our needs in the South Bay area. Instead of asking "What do you need?" They seem to be just sitting back and making secretive PC judgments instead of contribution or counseling with direction or guidance.
    I've participated with you on 3 occasions in supporting justifiable protests - 1)Target 2) O'Donnell at his office (no show) 3) O'Donnell at Long Beach Marina (ran away and hid behind friends instead of answering questions about choose the LBGT community over families and religion), In all occasions you and the rest of us were well behaved and nothing like the noisy abusive and obscene Leftist crowd against Trump now.
    Yes, you are direct and confrontational and a bit repetitive rather than always engaging, BUT who is more active than you - No One! Who is more committed to engaging the wrongs that are being done in our area? No One! You help and involve your Club with others in the South Bay and you always walk the walk and talk the talk.
    I am very very disappointed in the behavior of AD 66 CC and the Chair person. They need to communicate better and have true Plans of Actions. Keep up your excellent work and wonderful writings Arthur !

    1. Grindall61 here: I wanted to comment on this. What you detailed here is why we need to eliminate the establishment Republican Party. Especially here in California, the establishment Republicans are in lock-step with the Democrats. We are seeing this on city councils throughout Socal. Their main objective is to not upset the Democrats. That's why they don't like you and that's why they wanted you cancel the October meeting, because they were afraid you would upset some SJW's and apparently their opinion counts more than anyone else who calls themselves a conservative. We have an opportunity that we will never have ever again. We need to get rid of these RINO's and if successful we will extinguish leftism in this country forever.

  3. Arthur is a great person to lead a Republican Club. He is not afraid of left wing zealots who try to shut us down. The Republican Party over there should be proud that they have someone loyal and dedicated to the best ideals and principles of government by the people and willing to fight outsiders who want to take over our good land and replace our values with emotional mish mash.

  4. Arthur is a difference maker. That makes people uncomfortable. You are all in for conservative values unlike the herd of RINO's polluting elected positions. If your boss is swayed by this woman then their true colors are revealed. Standing up is not easy. It is honorable. Thank you for all you do Arthur.

  5. If we want to win statewide or national elections we need to built a bigger tent. Arthur and many of us get it. These establishment types who want to be like the Democrats just don't get it. If there are too many GOP clubs in the South Bay then why did they charter the local unit of CIR which is a club that only has members because membership is free. Once they charge dues like BCR, Woman's Federated, Lincoln Club etc. they will disappear from the scene. They are just a bunch of people who couldn't play nice in the CRA and decided to start their own club.