Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Who is Andy Gharakani? What Does He Do at RPLAC?

I hear this name a lot:

Andy Gharakani.

I saw him at the RPLAC Executive meeting earlier in 2016, when Republican Central Committee members throughout Los Angeles were determining endorsements for key contest races among a wide range of Republicans.

He is also the Executive director for the Los Angeles County Branch of the New Majority.

You can learn more about here.

I have been hearing whispers about this man.

Some have told me that he is interested in a moderated platform for the California Republican Party.

That's the interest of the New Majority, after all--or at least that is what I have heard.

He also has a lot of money, and his money has been influential in Los Angeles County Republican circles.

But for what purpose?

The New Majority stance is basic:

"Let's forget about cultural issues, Let's focus on fiscal matters."

And yet all cultural issues are fiscal issues, and vice versa.

I do not see how any political party can reach out to different communities without a grounded embrace of life, family and individual liberty.

In short: conservative.

Judeo-Christian values are a necessity.

For the last four years, it seems that the California Republican Party has drifted left or center in order to appeal to "more progressive" voters.

I am more interested in what is true vs. whats is false.

I also understand that Gharakani does not sit on any central committee in Los Angeles County.

So, why is he being selected for a key position, based on the RPLAC email sent out by RPLAC Chairman Mark Vafiades?

We will also keep our great Team in place, including our Executive Director, Jason Maruca, and our Finance & Political Director, Andy Gharakhani.

What does that mean "Finance and Political Director"?

I do not share his views or the New Majority's views.

Republicans have tried this moderate push, and it has not worked.

Look at Los Angeles County!

Election 2016 was a rank disaster.

David Hadley lost!

It looks like Ling Ling Chang is losing, too!

We need to confront and shape the culture, not run away from key policy fights.

RPLAC needs to be conservative and active. This "New Majority" approach is not working.

It seems to me that he inordinate amount of power in the Los Angeles County Republican Party,

Some California Republicans have advocated for a more moderate stance.

This is wrong.

But I still have a question ...

What role does Gharakani play in all of this? Some people have told me that he is the money man in the party.

Shouldn't we be working our butts off to raise money in other ways, too?

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