Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Schaper's Other Election Day 2016 Predictions

Sorry for the flurry of blog posts.

But there is simply too much to report on, and I cannot let some of these events and opportunities go away.

So, here is a further rundown on key states and races throughout the country.


Trump will win. He will carry a key blue state which none of us had anticipated, and Crooked Hillary will go down in defeat.


US Senators:

The Republicans will hold the US Senate. We are going to lose three seats.

I fear that we are going to say good-bye to Ron Johnson and Pat Toomey. I am sad to see Toomey go, but oh well ...

We all knew that we were going to lose Mark Kirk, and some Republicans may not really care.

Joe Heck will pick Harry Reid's seat in Nevada.

House of Representatives:

Republicans will hold the House.

They will flip on seat in Florida to the GOP (FL-2)

GOP is going to hold the seat in Maine. Bruce Poliquin is a great guy and should be held to high esteem for his victory in blue Maine (and thank Paul LePage for helping to make Maine great again!)

As for California ... I think that Denham may be the most likely to be in trouble.

Steve Knight will hold his seat, since Democrats and Republicans are supporting him.

Paul Chabot will win CD-31, but by a slim margin.

Governor's Races:

Republicans will have gained a record-setting number of Governor's mansions this election cycle, and this victory is one of the  most underrepresented turn of events out there.

Republicans are going to win the Governor's seats in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Phil Scott
Yes, deep-blue, socialist socialzed "Weekend at Bernie's" Vermont. Phil Scott has taken a clear-cut back to basics economic message, and the Vermont voters are fed up with the tax-and-spend insanity of the VT Democrats!

Chris Sununu is running on Name Recognition, and Trump's swing through that swing-state is going to put him over the top.

West Virginia will have a complete GOP takeover, notwithstanding the Democratic candidate's last-minute acts of charity.

Missouri is going red. This is a close race right now, but Trump is doing very well in the Show Me State, and he will show the Democrats how things are done.

And now, we don't have to worry about North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory. He will hold onto his seat.

GOP: 35 Governors

Dems: 15 Governors

Damn, it's hard out there for the tax-and-spend, regulate-frustrate Dems isn;t it!

Heck of a job, there, Barry Obama!


David Hadley will win re-election.

Hadley had the superior ground game and resume, as well as widespread grassroots support.

Democrat Al Muratsuchi's unforced errors will overcome whatever advantage he had hoped to capitalize on.

Republicans will hold back any Dem supermajority, since Mike Antonovich is going to walk into Sacramento with a state senate seat, too.

Those are my thoughts on the most contentious races this Election Cycle.

What do you think?

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  1. Al Murasutchi ran a campaign of lies and deserves to lose. What about pole dancer Janice Hahn vs. Napalitano? BTW it is Barry Sotero.