Friday, November 11, 2016

Anti-Trump Racist Isadore Hall Loses Bid for Congress

Election 2016 was a wave of major wins all over the country. Republicans won the White House, they held onto the US Senate and the House.

The won governorships in blue havens like New Hampshire (which is now one of the reddest states in New England at the state level because of unparalleled legislative victories.

What a sad turn of events the county of Los Angeles has become. Overrun by leftists, illegal aliens, panderers who want more open borders, tax hikes, and Big Labor giveaways. Perhaps Los Angeles needs to go the way of Detroit, go bust, and everyone just walk away from the pile of rubble and smoke.

The Democrat v. Democrat contests have become the norm in Los Angeles County. Liberalism and cronyism, which is liberalism's final end have become the norm.

Interestingly enough, there is one race which had a slight bright side to it.

Congressional District 44.

Isadore Hall was the Democratic favorite to win the 44th Congressional District. He was the Democratic establishment machine pick. The alcohol industry put their money behind him, along with the business interests.

Some politicos in the region labeled him a moderate Democrat. Other interests looked

He served in the state assembly, and then jumped into the state senate seat as soon as Aunt Janice announced that she was running for LA County Board of Supervisors.

The machine daisy chain was all too easy to identify.

Aunt Janice runs for Board of Supervisors.

Uncle Izzy (who had just been elected to State Senate in a special election in 2014) would run for Congress.

Then Cousin Steve Bradford would run for the state senate district vacated by Isadore Hall.

This neo-dynastic politics is just sickening.

We the People Rising confronted Isadore Hall on his lack of service for the black community for example:

We the People Rising called on Senator Hall because he released a resolution to denounce Donald Trump as racist, and to have all business contacts with the businessman turned Presidential candidate (and now President!).

Check out his statements here.

This action is immoral and unconstitutional.

When he finished first in the June primary, Hall was immediately served with legal papers.

He has a record of arrogance, including his unsound attacks on Second Amendment supporters:

He was supposed to be the anointed candidate.

But as long as his progressive challenger Nanette Barragan could paint him as for sale, with no principles, she had the slight edge.

She just barely made it during the General Election.

Honestly, I was surprised that a carpet-bagger from Hermosa Beach could knock out a well-oiled machine politico like Hall.

The demographics in the district most likely signal why Barragan carried the day. Hispanic communities are far more dominant in the region now, even in Compton.

She also had the support of the major newspapers, including The Daily Breeze and The Los Angeles Times.

This man has sat on the Compton School Board, then went to the state assembly, then pushed hard against Steve Bradford (who had recently turned out the same year), would end up losing to a one-tie city councilwoman in a wealthy Beach City whose claim to fame was banning plastic bags in Hermosa Beach.

But there is one clear consolation:

Donald Trump won the Presidential election--and Hall is out of a job!

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