Sunday, November 13, 2016

Republicans: Let's Be Hope and Change for Los Angeles County

To all Republicans of Los Angeles County:


Election 2016--what a night!

We held onto the House and the United States Senate.

And we have a new President, whose name is DONALD TRUMP!

I must admit, it was a slower learning curve for me, as much as it was a slow learning curve for others of us.

I appreciate that Trump has talked about the things that I care about.

And I want to see a Big Beautiful Wall, with a big beautiful door in the middle along our Southern Border.

The red Republican wave splashed all over the country.

But for the third cycle in a row, the red wave has crashed.

In fact, the voter turnout in this state was low by Presidential election standards.

As of now, Democrats have restored their supermajority in the state assembly.

They have not yet achieved a supermajority.

What is going on in this state that once again the red wave washes over and doesn't make a dent?

I accuse Big Labor and their immoral, unconstitutional revenue stream from workers' pockets.

We need to double-down on what we believe.

We need to reach out to communities where Republicans are not even seen or heard.

We need to stand up and fight for people of all backgrounds, let them know that our values are their values.

Free markets, free enterprise, free people.

Pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty.

Let's make California great again!

Donald Trump's federal policies will help our state,

We get a handle on illegal immigration, that will stop the influx of illegals and the strain on our public services.

Let's get right-to-work passed throughout the country, particularly through the Supreme Court.

Let's start taking back our city councils and school boards! We are manifesting considerable success already at the local level.

Torrance has a majority Republican city council.

We are working on expanding the number of Republicans in Redondo Beach and throughout the South Bay.

We need to get active. We need to fight for what is right!

Let's bring the Hope and Change to Los Angeles COUNTY!

Who's with me?

Let's Make California Great Again!

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