Monday, November 7, 2016

Beware of Voter Fraud! Caution from San Fernando Valley Town Crier

A SFV Patriots Town Crier Alert!
Re: Did you receive your Sample/Mail-in Ballot?
Dear Friends of the SFV Patriots:
If you received 2 of the 3 voter information booklets in Los Angeles city/county and your actual sample ballot is missing, please keep reading.
There have been a number of reports (by registered Republicans I know), who've discovered--too late--that someone stole their ballot, completed and mailed it in and that now, the legitimate registered voter, CANNOT vote.
Action plan:
1. If you did not receive your actual sample ballot (not the first or third booklets) PLEASE
2. Locate your polling place at and GO THERE
3. Tell polling captain you were a victim of voter fraud, ask what you can do.
    Get the polling place number and captain's ID.
4. Send me your name, email/phone, polling place number/address and captain's ID so we can file a legitimate complaint.
My guess is the cases I've heard about--including from a GOP leader in the SFV--are flukes, however, if there is a pattern of disenfranchisement, we must notify the authorities and our press sources.
I will be doing steps 1-4 on Election Day, too, if a thief case my vote.
Blessings in Liberty!
Karen Kenney, SFVP coordinator

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