Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Service Announcement from Chairman Jim Brulte: VOTE!!!!

California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte remembers Election 1980.
Ronald Reagan blew incumbent President Jimmy Carter out of the water! No one expected the blow-out victory for the Gipper.
His win was so big, that Democrats in California walked away from the polls and decided not to vote.
Their absense helped Republicans flip otherwise unwinnable house seats, even in the Valley section of Los Angeles!
We need to make sure that Republicans across the country do not make the same mistake, regardless of the outcome of the general election.
Every vote counts. Every single one!
From the pen of CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte:

Election Day 2016 is finally here!
We have until 8 PM today to turn out the vote and our job is not done.
You will hear the media make predictions today, but don’t ever let it make you think you don’t need to get your VOTE in! Local, legislative and congressional races can all come down to a handful of votes, which means you and your family could be the deciding votes.
California has been facing some challenges under the Democrats like crumbling roads and an affordable housing crisis. California Republicans are listening to those being left behind by the political system and are sharing with them solutions that can grow the middle class and raise people out of poverty. Can we count on you to join us?
Every single vote cast today is crucial, so make sure your voice is heard! Postmark or drop off your vote by mail ballot OR head to your nearest polling place.
Still unsure about who and what is on the ballot? You can visit our endorsements page for your personalized voter guideand check out the blog for more information on the propositions.
Don’t forget to remind a friend to get to the polls too – text, call, or email them!
See you out there,

Senator Jim Brulte (Ret.)
Chairman, CAGOP
Let's Make America Great Again!
Let's Make California Great Again!

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  1. I remember you Jim B, from RR library, and I recall the 1980 election. Quite similar to last night.

    Will you serve in the Trump admin. Id love to see Sen Sessions as Sec Def!