Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WaPo Hate Mega-Fail: Disparaged Trump Campaign WINNING Formula

The Washington Post is one of the smuggest left-wing national rags in the country.

Their stock is likely going down, just like the other major newspapers which cannot cover up their pro-Clinton liberal bias.

In Election 2016, the liberal media threw aside all journalistic professionalism and attacked the Trump campaign relentlessly.

Now they have egg on their faces.

Check out this article from October:

The states identified by the Trump campaign were winnable one month before Election Day.

And rump won seven of them.

He only needed to win three.


Here was the title of the article (actually, a total hack job):

Well ..

The state of Michigan just called their election for Trump, after their two-week recount.

Trump won this election with 306 electoral votes.

Granted, Trump supporters like me were not sure what to expect.

He was working hard in the Rust Belt states as well as Minnesota.

Would his momentum pull it off?


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