Sunday, November 6, 2016

M is for Meh: Evan McMullin and The Arrogance of Political Irrelevance

This Republican-turned Independent decided to jump into the race for the strict intention of stopping Trump.

Those were his words:

He is barely interested in throwing the race into the House of Representatives ...

It's possible, I suppose, if you add Gary Johnson's possible win (which is waning) in New Mexico.

His greater interest, however, is preventing Donald Trump from becoming the next President, because he wants to stop his authoritarian presidency.

But he has no problem with Crooked, Corrupt, Cranky Hillary Clinton.

The double-standard duplicity is deafening. Does this man have any integrity?

McMullin is the easy patsy for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

If Trump loses, this country will have a rabid, corrupt socialist who sells influence for favors and cash--while selling the rest of us down the river.

The self-righteous arrogance of his man clashes with his rising irrelevance.

Check out his remarks in his campaign's latest eblast:

Evan McMullin for President

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Sorry, Evan--we are still laughing at you.

Arthur —

When we started this journey back in August, the political establishment in Washington ignored us. They thought we’d just go away. We didn’t.

Notice that he hasn't really been campaigning until August and he will appear on 44 state ballots.

He will not appear in California, of course.

Then, they mocked us. We were a “quixotic” movement, not a “big league” campaign like Donald Trump's. They said we didn’t matter, and that we couldn’t win. Still, we pressed on.

You cannot win, Evan, and you even admitted that winning isn't your priority. Making Donald Trump lose is your biggest priority.

Now, as we’re on the cusp of making history, they’re openly attacking us. Donald Trump called me a "nobody" on national TV, FOX News personality Lou Dobbs said I'm a puppet of the “Mormon Mafia," and some of Trump’s supporters even called for a Mormon genocide.

"Mormon Mafia" is an offensive term.

Yet he is a puppet working for Hillary Clinton, albeit inadvertently.

And Trump is right--he is a nobody.

First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us, then we win.

Win what? 

We only have two days left until Election Day, and the polls show us poised for victory. If we double down now, we can make history together. We can win.

What victory? Where? By what standard? For what purpose?

Chip in $5, or whatever you can, to help us Get Out The Vote (GOTV) in Utah. Every dollar helps, and no gift is too small.

Oh, McMullin wants to win Utah. OK, sure.

But how does he expect to cobble together any kind of majority with Gary Johnson taking votes away from him, too?

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M is for "Meh ..."
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So, winning Utah is called "Presidential victory."

Does this guy understand electoral math?

With such a limited understanding of the political process, and his rude disregard for the intelligence of the average voter, it appears that McMullin is just one more cog in the establishment wheel bent on stopping Donald Trump ... as if one more Republican in the defeated pantheon will have any success in accomplishing that.

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