Saturday, November 19, 2016

Corrupt Huntington Park City Council Throws Me Out Because I Called Our Their Selective Enforcement

Selective enforcement is the norm in Huntington Park.

They city council is patently racist, disparaging their critics as racist individuals with no regard for people who have a different skin color from them.

They have routinely embraced the segregation brought on by illegal immigration.

They engage in selective enforcement of decorum and procedure in the city council chambers.

Mike McGetrick blasted the Huntington Park City Council, and he celebrated the electoral victory of Donald Trump.

Five people in audience continued to laugh and make rude remarks.

They were deliberately laughing and heckling the speaker at the podium.

After his comments, he returned to his seat, then he criticized the mocking audience members.

Instead of calling the group of five in the audience, Mayor Graciela Ortiz called MIKE out of order!


I could not let that go unchallenged.

Here are my remarks, blasting the unfair, unjust mayor:

Robin Hvidston recorded an extended account of what occurred:

I want to affirm that the Mayor was indeed engaging in selective enforcement against us while ignoring the behavior of five miscreants behind us.

Chanell Temple had to ask them to be uiet, and Ortiz told her to face the chair, rather than telling them to be uiet.

That's wrong!

During Raul Rodriguez' comments to the city council, you can hear the same people making noise, rude comments, and heckling the speaker:

This selective enforcement is not the first time.

Mayor Macias tried to make me sit down when Wes Parker was slamming the city council for their illegal actions:

I still left the city council chambers, even though I was unfairly asked to leave.

The police officer who escorted me out was sympathetic to our cause:

A few other audience members confirm the selective enforcement:


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  1. Mike McGetrick's attitude is wrong. He was angry and disrespectful, even though there may be a little truth in what he was saying. He was rude and out of control. Uncontrolled anger solves nothing.