Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stand4Truth: The March Through the Institutions, from Peter Sprigg of FRC

Houston Texas.

This is a great city.

I loved everything that I had a chance to learn.

The Stand4Truth speakers shared about the LGBT agenda through the institutions.

This subversive behavior should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention.

The Cultural Marxism movement, which spawned in Frankfurt Germany, intended to upend all the necessary instititions of Western society.

The illiberal, atheist minds which wanted to replace God with the state, which wanted to institute a Marxist-Communist utopia recognized the power of private and voluntary assocations.

They needed to be demolished from the inside out.

Greg Quinlan 
And today, the Hegelian dialectic of amoral relativism is carving out  niches in every facet of society, and ruining  the many great aspects of our wonderful culture.

All of this must cease.

First, Greg Quinlan talked about the homosexual agenda's destructive efforts in public education.
These revelations are particularly disturbing.

Children are young as seven years are old are not only learning about sexual intercourse, but view cartoon versions of sex acts between two adults in children's books!

Check out this video (viewer discretion advised):

Here is the rest of his discussion.

And a little more information about Greg:

He lived an actively homosexual lifestyle. He as a gay activist, a nurse, and a witness to many of his friends dying of AIDS, much do to the high-risk behaviors associated with the homosexual lifestyle.

He currently works in New Jersey, where he has challenged and exposed school boards for pushing an inappropriate, prurient curriculum on elementary school children.

One of the school board presiding officers is pressing for transgenderism in the Passaic High School district. This move will definitely lead to more sexual abuse and assault.

But for that School Board presiding officer, that would mean more business,since his legal clientele focuses on representation of sex offenders.

The whole LGBT agenda is opening a Pandora's box of perversions into the elementary and middle school grades.

Kids should not be learning about any of this. In high school, they need to learn the destructive consequences of same-sex conduct, as well as promiscuity and adultery. 

The March through the Institutions does not stop at the public schools, of course! This is not just radical, but destructive! 

Peter Sprigg from the Washington DC office of the Family Research Council, outlined the numerous threads of influence which the homosexual lobby has stranded out through corporate America!

Corporate capitulation was key to stopping Religious Freedom Restoration Acts all over the country, particularly in red states like Indiana, Arkansas, and Georgia!

Check out some of Mr. Sprigg's comments below:

Notice also that he calls out some of the left-wing activist organizations, like the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their primary job seems to be labeling conservative, pro-family groups "hate groups."

As if that kind of rhetoric is going to shut down the right for life, family, and liberty in our country.

Not going to happen!

It's time for the pro-family movement to target these corporations, and demand that they stop funding the destructive, hateful LGBT agenda.

Target corporation took major hits following the progressive CEO's decision to allow customers to use the bathrooms and fitting rooms which coorespond to their "gender identity" as opposed to their biological and genetic structure. Men going into women's bathrooms? Really?!

Not gonna happen! Boycott Target!

Let's expand that boycott to any business which puts left-wing social engineering ahead of the best interests of families and reality!

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