Sunday, November 27, 2016

Leftists Attack Conservatives in Venice

During the 2016 Election, I received this statement from a Venice, California Republican and Christian:

We live in Venice, CA and people here are violence toward Republican and hate anything that is Christian. My back window was broken because of my Trump's sticker display. 


So now we are very quiet about been a Republican and Christian.  We was wondering if you could email Trump's address so we could inform him or his team that he should not provide Federal's money to the City of Los Angeles because our so call City of Los Angeles politician are providing sanctuary for persons that enter our country illegal. 

Imagine that?

There are residents in deep blue West Los Angeles who want an end to the sanctuary city policies.

(For the record, this man who shared this report with me

Hey--there are Christians and Republicans in Venice!

They need our help, and not ignorance.

What has happened when there are no support systems for these conservatives?

The same region of Los Angeles where wild liberals attack Democrats with threats, epithets, and sometimes violence--does have Republicans.

When Craig Huey ran for Congress in 2011, he face hatred and disruptions during his special election bid to replace Jane Harman.

What has happened in Los Angeles? Doesn't the First Amendment mean anything anymore?

We also love to enroll our son and daughter into a Christian school however due to our low income we can not afford it. 

Why is Los Angeles denying good education to poor families?

This is what has happened to the devilishly Democratic Los Angeles.

No protection for conservatives.

Also the Los Angeles Unified School District have the lowest education standard in the nation yet we have no choice but to send our son and our daughter to a Los Angeles School. We were wondering if Trump' New Administration will make it possible for us to send our son and daughter to a school for our choice.

Can you imagine this kind of wicked nonsense?

Look at what is happening to families in Los Angeles.

They cannot express their political views for fear of property damage or personal attacks.

Their children cannot get a good education in the public schools.

Los Angeles Unified is one of the worst districts in the country.

But to hear about such violence against a Republican ... unbelievable!

More Republicans need to confront these liberal areas, and stand up to this bullying!

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