Saturday, November 19, 2016

Has RPLAC Already Chosen a New Executive Board? (Addenda)

The following email was released to the Republican Party Central Committees this week.

It's very disturbing to see a succession rather than an election.

This does not make any sense.

Los Angeles County Republicans got wiped out in Election 2016.

David Hadley lost re-election.

This is the worst outcome. He was--IS--a great legislator.

He should have won.

The candidates with an R after their name who did win--won because of their connections to more conservative sections of the state--Orange County, San Bernardino County, etc.

Do we really need the same failed phalanx of leadership, or should we regard the successors as a break away from the means and mission of the past?

I need more information, but I can say that at least two of the considered slate give me great pause.

Here is the email from outgoing RPLAC Chairman Mark Vafiades, with my comments to follow:

Dear ----,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Chairman for the past four years! We have accomplished so much together, turning RPLAC into a strong political operation and one of the most active and professionally run county parties in California.

2014 was a great year, and there are an unprecedented number of Republicans are elected to local office.

The sad thing, however, is that I have heard from many of these elected officials that the County and State Parties are not helping them!

This is wrong.

When I ran for Beach Cities Republicans President, one of the most critical elements for  me was getting support  to local candidates, so that they would not be going along into battle.

No elected official in the county should ever feel alone or without support.

We had an unprecedented number of targeted races in Los Angeles County during my two terms, and we helped elect Republicans to legislative and local office, raised nearly $500,000 for our Party and millions for our candidates.

OK. Indeed, we had targeted races all over the county--we did not win one seat. In fact, we lost a seat here in the South Bay!

In order for us to continue making RPLAC stronger, we need the right team in place. This past June, we were lucky to elect a new membership, made up of active and engaged Republicans from across Los Angeles County. I am very excited about the future of RPLAC.

Now I have to start raising some objections. How many Republicans got wiped out locally this time around? We still do not have the final data on SD-29, in which Ling Ling Chang is barely holding on by 187 votes!

While I could not be more proud of everything we accomplished, it is with great sadness, that I announce I am not seeking another term as Chairman, but will remain very involved in our Party.

I am supporting Richard Sherman as Chairman. Richard has been a dear friend, and a loyal and hardworking member of our Party for many years. He is the best person to lead RPLAC, and I will work closely with him as his 1st Vice-Chairman.

Notice that he is supporting Richard Sherman, but he is not fully or formally installed ... yet.

This thing called "an election" has to take place.

Free elections are a necessity, not just in cities and states, but within political parties.

Richard is a member of the Executive Committee of RPLAC and has served in leadership positions of his local AD Central Committee for close to ten years. In addition, he is a delegate to the California Republican Party and recently served on the Platform Committee. Richard has been an active political grassroots volunteer for many years and has worked on a number of races. He has served as President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition and is currently on the National Board, is a licensed psychologist, having served for five years as one of Governor Schwarzenegger’s appointees on the California Board of Psychology. Richard will bring his political experience, organizational skills and steady hand to RPLAC leadership.

My bigger question -- what vision does he have for expanding conservatism in Los Angeles County?

How are we going to compete in one of the bluest counties of the country, where Republicans barely made a blip in the radar, and one of the most successful assemblymen--David Hadley--was wiped out with a word?

His loss was an epic disaster, and we need to take a long, hard look at this problem!

We will also keep our great Team in place, including our Executive Director, Jason Maruca, and our Finance & Political Director, Andy Gharakhani.

Right now, I am not a big fan of Jason Maruca or Andy Gharakhani. I am not sure who these people are. Does Gharakani even sit on a Central Committee?

I was very displeased with the lack of professionalism toward the Beach Cities Republicans, too. Shouldn't directors of any stripe know how to lead and support the troops under their charge?

In addition to supporting Richard Sherman, I am also proud to announce my endorsement for the RPLAC Leadership Team. I am convinced this group has everything it takes to help our candidates win on Election Day and keep the momentum we have going at RPLAC.

Chairman Vafiades has every right to endorse whomever he wants.

I believe that the next phase of leadership should respect our need to fight back, hold onto our vales and expand our numbers!

Chairman: Richard Sherman
1st Vice-Chairman: Mark Vafiades
2nd Vice-Chairman: Howard Hakes
Treasurer: Gary Aminoff
Assistant Treasurer: Jacqueline Loza
Secretary: Janice Webb 
Assistant Secretary: Andre Hollings

The RPLAC Elections take place on Saturday, December 10th at our Organizational Meeting in Pasadena. I ask each of you to make sure to attend and vote for the Republican Leadership Team.

 I will be attending very soon.

I am most displeased with Janice Webb as a choice on the Executive Board.

Make me RPLAC Secretary
Or I will call your boss!

I am also unsure what to think of Gary Aminoff at this time. His initial decision to seek suspension then possible revocation of Beach Cities Republicans' charter was very disturbing, then disappointing.

[Aminoff wrote to me the following in response to this statement above:

"I never made a decision to seek suspension or revocation of Beach Cities Republican's charter. I don't even have the authority to make that decision. I chaired a meeting of the Bylaws Committee to determine if there was a violation of the Bylaws. That was my sole role."

There's just one problem-- Jason Maruca had informed me in the email that the By-Laws Committee recommended suspension. What is going on?]

True leadership does not just arbitrarily push people out without respecting by-laws and the integrity of the process, the principles, and the people who work for conservative values and actions in Los Angeles County and throughout the state of California!

Webb's behavior towards me and others seriously questions her ability to govern effectively.

Click this link for more information.

We need leadership in the county that is willing to confront bad policy and bad leaders on our city councils and school boards.

I believe that we should embrace our conservative values, educate people on their merits--both young and old need to be educated--and then reach out into communities where we have never gone before.

I am very suspect of at-large blank slates, and I want to learn more.

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  1. Is there any opposition to any of these candidates or is this take it or leave it? Is this a democratic process or a dictatorship where you only have the choice that Fidel Castro offers you? If that is our only choice then why call it an election? Let's just call it an appointment or a succession but let's not use the term election because that insults my intelligence. With the things janice Webb has pulled here in AD66 and BCR is simply deplorable and her bad judgement is not needed on the RPLAC.