Saturday, November 12, 2016

Election 2016: Right To Work on the RISE!

Election 2016 has further sealed the fate of Big Labor and forced unionism in the United States. How much longer did the phalanx of govenment bullying, collective bargaining entitlements, and taxpayer theft think that they would get away with their pilfering?

The legalized theft and money-laundering perpetrated against taxpayers must cease.

Labor unions, especially the public sector unions, do not have to budge. City councils, school boards, and state governments have to comply, or strikes ensue. Have they forgotten the bold warning of President Ronald Reagan? Government is not an assemblyman, and their operations cannot stop. President Calvin Coolidge was more pertinent. "There is NO right to strike against the public interest anywhere at any time,"

Let's not forget the plight of the individual worker.

They are forced to join a union, extorted for part of their paycheck in order to have a job in the first place.

They are forced to pay those dues.

They are forced to sit and watch their union spend their hard-earned money on candidates and causes which actually hurt working people. All of this is wrong.

Labor unions are trampling First Amendment rights, They are driving businesses out of states. They hurt commerce. They drive up prices, and their collusion with the government, whether state, local, or federal, is doing more harm than good.

Every man deserves the right to work, and indeed he will work for more when he gets to choose where he goes.

Election 2016 has further ensured that Big Labor Bullying will get bullied back.

Consider the following outcomes:

1. Missouri is now a safe and sound GOP trifecta. Republicans gaine two seats in the state house, and only lost one seat in the state senate.

Now the Show Me State has a Republican Governor: Eric Greitens

Here are his plans on RTW:


I believe we must have “Right-to-work” legislation to improve Missouri’s job climate.

Because pro-freedom Republicans have a clear majority in the state legislature, and this time they will not have to muster a supermajority to ovecome veto, Big Labor will lose another battleground for funneling money into their pockets to disrupt other races.

2. Kentucky

Governor Matt Bevin won election in 2015, defeating an otherwise well-connected Attorney General as well as running against a decades-long tradition of light-blue Democratic leadership in the Bluegrass state.

He won the state senate, but could not break the Democratic stronghold on the statehouse.

Election 2016 changed all of that for good.

Right-to-work has inched its way through country governments, but now Bevin can work with like-minded liberty conservatives and ensure that no worker will ever be forced into a union in order to have a job.

Make that 28 states ending forced unionism very soon,

3. This state is the biggest surprised of the Election 2016 cycle: New Hampshire,

This pink state is taking on a lighter shade of blew.

The federal offices all went Democrat. Incumbent US Senator Kelly Ayotte lost to Maggie Hassan, the termed-out governor of the Granite State. Frank Guinta of Congressional District 1 also lost his re-election bid.

But for state offices, Republicans took the whole state down!

Chris Sununu won the governor's seat!

Republicans expanded their majority in the state senate.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives is still pending, but there is very little chance of Democrats taking back the state house.

And guess what? Sununu has signed onto Right to Work, too!

During the primary election, Sununu announced:

"We haven't brought a major business into the state in eight years. Right-to-work is part (of the solution)."


Imagine one of the bluest sections of the country, New England, a home for a right-to-work state? This trend could ensure more Republicans a chance at state and federal office throughout the region, since the Democratic Party's sole funding source has been the coerced dues of labor unions throughout the region.

By the end of legislative year 2017, the tally will rest at 29 right-to-work states.

Entering into Election Year 2018, expect to see Big Labor bullies screaming and yelling for their easy money at taxpayer expense. Businesses will return to these states in growing numbers.

As for the remaining forced unionism states, a couple of well-placed lawsuits, and a new conservative Supreme Court, will strike down the remaining statutes imposing on individual liberties and taxpayer dollars.

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