Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Little Late to the Game: RNC Says Colorado US Senate Race "Winnable"

Darryl Glenn was not the Mitch McConnell establishment pick.

SO what?

He became the Republican nominee for US Senate to challenge Michael Bennett.

That guy voted for the Iran Deal!

He also supports illegal aliens instead of American citizens and he will walk in lock-step to support Obamacare rather than repeal and replace it.

We need another Republican US Senator from Colorado.

Darryl Glenn is the man for the job.

ANd yet, the RNC didn't give Colorado another glance.


Where were they?

Then, out of the blue (or red?) the RNC announces that they are going to make an offensive in Colorado.

A little late to the game, don't you think?

The Senate Conservatives Fund, headed by former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinnelli, reported the following:

RNC Says Colorado Senate Race Now "On The Map"

Fellow Conservative:

Sean Spicer, the RNC's Chief Strategist & Communications Director, acknowledged earlier today that retired Air Force Lt. Col. Darryl Glenn (R-CO) could win the U.S. Senate race in Colorado.

No kidding! With a little help from the NRSC, perhaps ...

Spicer said, "the Colorado senate race came out of nowhere and is suddenly on the map."

The race may have come out of nowhere to the RNC because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) foolishly abandoned the race after the primary, but the race has always been winnable.


This admission by the RNC is yet further evidence that the race has tightened in the past two weeks and is now winnable if Republicans turn out.

Please contact anyone you know in Colorado right now and urge them to vote for Darryl Glenn for U.S. Senate.

Sounds like a plan

This race could be very close so every vote counts.

Don't let Senator McConnell give the Democrats this Senate seat just because Darryl Glenn won't pledge his blind allegiance to McConnell.

Every elected official needs to pledge allegiance to the flag of this country and our republic.

He needs to do what is right for the voters, for the country, and not just a coterie of K Street interests.

Fight back by contacting everyone you know in Colorado and urging them to vote for Darryl Glenn.

Also, make a last-minute contribution to help pay for our final get out the vote (GOTV) phone calls to low propensity Republican voters.

Darryl Glenn is a game-changing candidate who will fight for conservative principles and bring new energy and diversity to the Republican Party.

A young, black conservative who was an early Trump supporter--why haven't more people supported him?!

Thank you for doing so much to support this outstanding candidate.

While the GOP establishment has done nothing to help him, you have been there every step of the way and never gave up.

Now, please help us finish out this race!

Ken Cuccinelli II
Senate Conservatives Action

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Final Reflection

Where were they indeed?

This temerity among Republicans is destructive.

We need to be expanding the  map, not working hard on holding onto what we have.

It's time for Republicans to extend their policies and principles to all 50 states, and stop caving to the Big Government, Big Homo, Big Green, and every other illiberal special interest out to rob the rest of us!

I agree with Attorney General Cuccinnelli;

Tell anyone and everyone you can think of in Colorado: Vote for Darryl Glenn and Vote for Donald Trump!!

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