Sunday, November 13, 2016

Delusional (Rich White) SJWs Protest Trump Golf Course in Palos Verdes (SAD!)

I received an email last Sunday.

Apparently, George Soros was sponsoring another anti-Trump protest, this time in Palos Verdes!

Wow! The flailing phalanx of the illiberal Left was coming to my backyard!

Check out the ad on CraigsList here:

See the advertisement on Google here:

Within hours, these ads disappeared from the Internet.

I decided to call the Trump National Golf Course in Palos Verdes anyway, just in case.

The staffers there informed me that they know about this protest.

Can you imagine a large, rabid group of protesters clambering along the sidewalks and pathways of the Trump Golf course?


I drove down about an hour after the protests were supposed to begin.

I noticed a grand total of five protesters, including one boy who didn't look like he wanted to be there.

Here's the recording of my interview with these rich, white, yet barely informed anti-Trump social justice warriors:

They weren't too keen on explaining why they were there.

A young lady in a black tank-top reading off a left-wing statement about standing with "minorities."


Some of these liberals are at a loss for words ... and ideas.

Or just about anything else.

They love to chant about "equality."

Do they even know what they are talking about?

Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Homosexuality is a behavior.

This older lady came at me, and prided herself as a 40-plus teacher in LA Schools.

I am sure that LAUSD was a great place to work ... fifty years ago:

Love Trumps Hate.

Yes indeed, and Trump is Trumping the hate of the Left, and their insipid borderline dangerous stupidity!

I asked them plainly: "How much were you paid to be here."

They claimed that no one had paid them. OK.

At length I repeatedly asked for information.

The one man in the group was willing to talk to me for a minute or two. He was willing to engage on some ideas:

His poster caught my attention particularly: "RIP Civility 11-9-16"

A strange date to write down, especially since the election was November 8th, and Trump was called the winner just before the evening hours ended.

So, why did civility die this past week?

The man repeated to me "You know why. You know why."

Actually, I did not know, since he was holding up the sign, and I wanted to understand his reason."

He them claimed that Trump was uncivil.

I would back away from asserting that Trump was coarse and blunt at times. Many times. His anti-PC take-down of the media, the political elites, the Establishment, and the Left was quite refreshing!

He then brought up the attacks against "Lyin' Ted."

No, I did not like those attacks, but Ted Cruz had gotten past the barbs and attacks during the primary, supported Donald Trump, and helped Republicans up and down the ticket win big across the country.

At this point, the woman card came up. Blah Blah Blah.

He's married, has wonderful kids, and women across the country love him.

They just had to play the gender card, claiming that Donald Trump hates women.

I know plenty of women who love Donald Trump!

Sorry if the setting of these photos seems haphazard, but there is not enough time in the day to post the number of women, singly or in large groups, on any blog the number of warm and welcoming women who stand with Trump!

The Left loves to beat down Republicans and conservatives because they are not angelic paragons of virtue, but they stand by men who have raped, assaulted, exploited women for their own perverse needs (Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, etc.) Their double-standard is so sad, and their petty insistence on doubling-down on these dead hollow talking points has exposed how empty the movement has become.

This lady wanted to shake me hand, and I greeted her:

She doesn't share Trump's values.

But what values she specifically disagrees with, she wasn't clear.

She did talk about the things he said about immigrants

What did Trump say about immigrants that was offensive?

They couldn't tell me.

Then she mentioned refugees. I told her flatly that we have every right to determine who enters our coutnry, and who doesn't. Federal officials have admitted to the public that they cannot properly vet very refugee, especially the Muslim ones, who enter this country.

They can't, and the United States cannot afford any more terrorist attacks on soil, from domestic residents as well as foreign visitors.

As expected, the one man referred to Timothy McVeigh, an American who below up the Oklahoma City building for the Bureac of Alcohol Tobacco, and Firearms.

Indeed, I recognized that brazen, evil act as terror. But the attempt to  draw a moral equivalence, as though we should ignore radical Islam as a source of terror--he never justified that argument.

The old former teacher got really close to me, she started threatening claiming, that I had not right to record them. Tough! It's a public place, and they were standing on the corner of the driveway into Trump Golf Course. Their whole point for being there was to be seen, wasn't it?

The younger lady in a black tank top run across the street after a few minutes. She simply refused to answer any questions. The older lady then told me to stop "hijacking their protest."

What protest, exactly? I am not sure they knew what they were talking about, or what they were angry about.

As I walked down the driveway to Trump Golf Course, I noticed one driver give the little group of social justice warriors the "thumbs down".

No kidding.

Well, since I was up there finally, I decided to pay a visit. Anyone can come in and say hello to staffers.

They were very kind, and the decor was really outstanding.

When Trump founded his golf course on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, he got a lot of grief from the city council over the flag pole he placed on the ground.

No one can uestion Trump's patriotism. Despite the complaints of entitled property owner son the Peninsula, who claimed that the American Flag flying in the wind was ruining their view of the Ocean, Trump refused to take the flag and remove the flag pole.

Good for Trump!

It was great to troll the silly, rich, white, spoiled, delusion social justice warriors, and take some photos there:

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