Saturday, November 12, 2016

We the People Rising Celebrate Trump Victory in Victorville!

Saturday, November 12, 2016.

We the People Rising gathered together to celebrate ... DONALD TRUMP!

It was  a dream come true, and for many Trump supporters, it feels like a time warp, a different world, a fantasy which has not really materialized.

But it's real.

And it's YUGE.

For once, I drove out to meet with other key members of the team.

I have to commend Dr. Robert Newman, Raul Rodriguez, Robin Hvidston, Deanne D'Lean, Stella Stephens, etc

They drive for at least two hours every time they come to the Los Angeles area.

I am so pleased with their determination to visit and fight for enforcement of our country's immigration laws.

Their dedication to the cause is beyond admirable.

The drive to Victorville alone was worth the visit. The High Desert is a welcoming place.

I enjoyed the trip. So much has changed for me over the past twenty years, I used to hate driving out to the High Desert, to Yermo, California to visit my Aunt Mayor and the cousins,

The Mojave Desert is not Los Angeles. The upbeat urban core is not there.

I love cities, I love city life.

But now, I embrace the calm quiet of the desert, too.

I met one guy at the local gas station, and he liked my Trump shirt. He was very excited that the Donald is our new President. He also blasted the petty race card games that people play.

There's nothing like connecting with like-minded people to celebrate the good times to come.

This was really exciting.

We dined at a Marie Calendars in region.

The staff there were very nice. Many of them liked our Trump memorabilia, signs, and shirts.

I even took a few pictures with the staff:

We the People Rising were visiting Trump country, no doubt about it!

The meeting was wonderful.

Raul Rodriguez reserved a room for us.

John Wesley Nobles attended, along with his sister.

Janet West came! How darlin'!

Here's Mike McGetrick:

We all gladly share the blame for Trump getting elected!

Yes! It's my fault, too!

Please blame me for Trump's election! It's my fault, too!

So proud of this distinction! So proud!

Our fearless leader Robin Hvidston shared some celebration time and space with Vaughn Becht of Westminster, who brings Donald Trump with us wherever we go:

Deanne is looking sharp and ready to go! (Yep, it's her fault, too, that Donald Trump is our President! Good for you, Deanne)

Check out Raul Rodriguez' opening comments for our event:

Here are further remarks from our celebration leader!

Throughout the meeting, we shared why we support Trump.

We talked about how we wondered if he was going to make it. The surprise that overcame all of us really shook because the polls all outlined Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States.

The media got taken down, and taken down hard!

Check out my remarks about who I am and why I was there:

I later shared why I voted for Donald Trump (Even though I was a Walker supporter, than a Jindal supporter, and finally a long-term Cruz backer until the very end).

Yet, it took me a while to get on the Trump train, But I am glad that he made it, and I look forward to the real estate mogul, businessman, and reality TV star making a true difference in Washington and for our country!

I said it then, and I will say it again -- We the People Rising were very gracious to me, even though I was not immediately on board with Donald Trump.

The Remembrance Project changed everything for me. Everything.

I have never had this much fun, and seen so much impact in the political process.

This is the way forward. We the People Rising are stepping up and challenging the open-border status quo in our state.

California is not a lost cause, but the grassroots networks throughout the region need to do more than complain and back-bite against party leaders. They need to challenge the locally elected officials in every way possible.

For now, let's celebrate! Donald Trump is our new President!

God Bless Donald Trump!

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