Saturday, November 19, 2016

Open Letter to Hermosa Beach Planning Commission Meeting: NO CCA!

From Tracy Hopkins:


Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

Is what we are doing in Hermosa Beach going to look like what happened in West Covina?

"Now as I have stated in the past the city of West Covina sold out to SCAG and took a sustainability grant to get funding for the general plan update. Now our city loves grants because it squandered it's money. Jeff Anderson said on camera that the general plan is being set up in a such a way so the city can qualify for grants. That means that it never mattered what any of us actually wanted. This is fraud because we were told over and again that the general plan was the vision of the residents. If the city wants to build anything it has to develop plans that the state wants so it can get that money."

This is from a citizen who has seen this path taken in several other cities as well. (video)

In my opinion, the attached Comprehensive Blueprint for Sustainability and Low Carbon Future.pdf grant application document seems to be evidence of a similar action being taken here and that it never really mattered what any of us actually wanted.

The grant application was submitted in 2012!  This was seemingly way before any official resident input started for PLAN Hermosa/Coastal Land Use Plan/Carbon Neutrality/CCA.  But even then the public input seemed to be carefully guided to be sure it included grant threshold requirement elements.  (See the two cartoon artwork attachments Delphi-Tech and ICLEI.)

The suggestion I am hearing is to recommend to council to shelve the updated general plan now to avoid the increasing perception of impropriety that admins may be allowing.



To all Hermosa Beach residents:

Please join Tracy Hopkins at the November 21, 2016 Hermosa Beach Planning Commission meeting.

Stop this insidious Big Green Agenda and Keep Hermosa Hermosa!

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