Saturday, November 5, 2016

West Torrance High School Teachers Reject Union Leadership, Support David Hadley

Walking precincts in the city of Torrance is fun.

I meet a lot of people I know from day to day interactions.

I also run into individuals whom I went to school with years ago.

Torrance has that interesting balance of large suburban core mixed with a hometown feel.

Like a lot of people born and/or raised in this city, there is no reason to move away, provided you can make ends meet and do well for yourself.

Now, about Election 2016.

The fight for California's future is centered right here in the South Bay and Torrance, is the heart of the district of contention, the 66th Assembly District.

The incumbent is our very own David Hadley, the first Republican to represent the region in Sacramento since 1992.

Hadley is very popular.

By and large, Republicans want Hadley back in the state assembly. So do Democrats and Independents.

There are a few stragglers who are unhappy with his decision not to endorse Donald Trump.

Honestly, I do not care.

I am voting for Donald Trump and David Hadley, and I do not are which one votes for which one else.

Now, about the canvassing today ...

I met one family, who informed me of some very intriguing development in the city.

The household was entirely Republican.

One of the members of the family told me that she was voting for David Hadley because he sponsored a self-defense class for women.


But there was more.

Her mother told me that she works at West High School.

She told me that she is voting for David Hadley for one simple reason (although I am certain she supports him for other reasons, too).

"He does not fall asleep during board meetings."

Indeed, that is true.

During the final marathon voting session on the Assembly floor, Hadley stayed seated to vote on every bill.

Even though he did get a little tired toward the end:

He stayed through the entire session, even though it dragged into September

"But he [Muratsuchi] would fall asleep during school board meetings!" the lady told me.

I also remember other stories, in which Muratsuchi would ignore parental complaints about mean girls bullying teammates in some of the girls' sports teams ...

Let's not forget that Muratsuchi did the bidding of the labor unions then, and he will bend and scrape to their will again if elected.

I was really surprised by what the mother told me next:

The teachers union is all over trying to get every faculty member to line up behind Al Muratsuchi.

She heard all about it on campus at West High. One of the union reps was raising her voice and arguing with other teachers. The conversation got really heated.

But the teachers are standing their ground.

"They told the rep to get out and go away.

"The West High teachers are not going to do what the teachers union tells them to.

West High teachers support Hadley!

"Tell David that the West High teachers have his back!"


Democrats and Green party candidates are voting for David Hadley.

And now, one of the most powerful (and corrupting) special interests in the city of Torrance is fraying apart and more teachers, more fine professionals are bucking their forced union leader to support citizen legislator Hadley!

The Muratsuchi camp must be terrified!

Teachers for Hadley will help turn this election to Hadley's favor!

Vote for David Hadley Nov. 8th!


  1. Definitely proofread a bit more! It's cutting into your credibility as a journalist!

    1. If you are trying to troll me, you have to do better than that!