Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Conditions of Republican Leadership in California

We need new leadership in California.

The Democrats have regained their supermajority power in the state legislature. Granted, a few of them will get sick or end up in jail or on forced leave, but the Democrats rule the Sacramento roost once again.

All the networking and foot-working were not enough to overcome the Democratic machine chicanery all over California. Some assemblymembers embraced some bad views and cast bad votes. Others were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Some Republican operatives want to blame Donald Trump. Honestly, though, Republicans up and down the state support Trump. What would you like to tell them? They were all wrong? And President-Elect Trump is selecting his cabinet.

And no, the answer to California and the country's problems do not lie in electing a liberal-leaning candidate like John Kasich. His policies expanded the welfare state and ensured less safety for Americans.

He wanted to grant amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens. That is a clear recipe for destruction. Open borders mean no country, no liberty, no sovereignty.

Most of the political operatives in Washington DC and California have not noticed that Trump's blunt appraisal of our nation's troubles were successful. This kind of clear-cut political incorrectness is exactly what we need.

So ...

What's the matter with California? How do we fix the vexing problems of the now-tarnished Golden State?

We need leadership with a populist heart beat. We need leadership that respects the everyday concerns of every Californian, but looks beyond the color of the skin and the endless tunnel of identity politics.

The following questions and conditions should apply to future leaders in any county:

1. Do you support or reject the full repeal of Proposition 14?

2. How do you want to engage registered Republicans on an ongoing, frequent basis?

3. How do you plan on increasing Republican registration in your country?

4. What are you views on volunteer clubs? How should by-laws be enforced? '

5. What plans or policies do you support to ensure economic growth, government integrity, and statewide security?

6. What steps will you take to invest and encourage Republican activism in blue as well as red areas of the state of California?

7. Do you have a plan to reach out to well-financed donors in California and other states to help the conservative cause?

8. What plans can you implement in county leadership to stop special interest invasions of local and statewide races?

9. Will you respect and defend the platform, or do you believe that more moderate values should determine the core principles of the Republican Party?

Any candidate for county leadership who cannot effectively answer these questions has no business running for CA GOP leadership, at the state or local level.

What do you think?

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