Sunday, November 20, 2016

California Went Bluer in Election 2016 -- WHAT?!

Former Assemblyman, gubernatorial and Congressional candidate slammed the epic failure of the California Republican Party in Election 2016:

While blue states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan turned red for Trump, California turned a deeper shade of blue.

Liberals claim to hate “walls,” but they’re working overtime to erect a massive wall between Hillary Clinton’s Utopia (California) and Trump’s America.

And there’s no longer any real resistance behind that big, blue wall that houses Hillary’s Utopia.

I have to add more insult to this injury.

Somewhat reliably blue state New Hampshire has a GOP trifecta now. The state legislature is Republican, and they have a Republican Governor, Chris Sununu. They are going to pursue right-to-work legislation, ensuring that the once Libertarian-bluish leaning Granite State generates a deepening hue of red.

Massachusetts gained at least one Republican in the Beacon Hill legislature.

In Vermont, a Republican Governor won election, and Democrats lost two seats in the state house.

In Connecitcut and Delaware, Republicans brought their numbers up to a 50-50 parity.

How embarrassing can it get for California Republicans?

What is going on in this state?

Blue states are now getting red. California liberals want to get rid of the rest of the country.

How did this happen?

Republican lawmakers have caved little by little on illegal immigration. Three Assemblymembers voted to allow illegal aliens to purchase health insurance on Covered California.


There is a leftward tilt all too prevalent in the state party, and it is not working.

Even in San Diego, some of the Republican leaders sounded so arrogant, convinced that they would install a 5-4 Republican majority.

Tom Ellis was their hope -- then he announced right after the primary that he would no longer campaign for San Diego City Council District One, since he did not have a chance of winning.


That's not what campaigning is all about!

That is unacceptable.

What is the matter with California?

How can we stop this madness?

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