Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stand4Truth: Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson

I wish that more people had taken into account the impressive array of guests and speakers at the 2016 Stand4Truth conference HoustonPastor Jesse Lee Peterson is a well-known, well-received speaker and leader on all conservative matters.

He is the leader of the South LA Tea Party.

He is a Christian, a leader in the pro-family, and pro-father movement.

He has been a freuent guest at other pro-liberty movements and conferences, like the American Freedom Alliance in Los Angeles. He served as one of the hosts for the 2015 gathering. It was a privilege to meet him there and learn from other intellects in the fight to retain and restore Western culture and civilization.

This time, I got to see Pastor Jesse speak on the defense of family and gender as defined by Biblical morality and biology.

Like Pastor Bill Owens, who had spoken on Friday, October 28th at the Stand4Truth conference, Peterson blasted the Democratic Party and its big government cheer-leader, Lyndon Baines Johnson, for ruining the black family.

The whole Democratic agenda targeted African-Americans, inducing mothers to give up the father in order to receive welfare from the state. This program has not helped black communities, but rather set them back, make them a new form of slaves under government lash.

The whole agenda has focused on getting rid of men, diminishing manhood.

Unlike many leaders and readers of the Civil Rights Movement, Peterson identified one homosexual who was preeminent in the movement, and how that upset many of King's fellow activists.

Peterson did not mention that person by name. He was Bayard Rustin.

What many people do not understand, though, is that at the time, Rustin kept his sexual behavior to himself. He had to.

Today, many black leaders recognize that such conduct does not qualify as a civil right.

Here are Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson's comments:

By and large, black pastors have demonstrated the real boldness we need to see in all church leaders and members. We need to stop being afraid of the Gospel, stop running away from the Good News, and stop hiding the truth about the destructive ideology of the LGBT agenda.

Our rights come from God, not the state. Our authority does not require sanction or approval from the government. No one should be bullied or intimidated into saying nothing as the foundation of our culture slips away under our feet, leaving nothing for our children or future generations to stand on.

Pastor Jesse gets it, and wants everyone else to get, and get with it.

What a great man. A leader in the fight to restore men and boys to their rightful place as leaders and readers, movers and shakers in our shaken society!

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