Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stand4Truth: Pastor Robert Jeffress Rallies the Faithful to Fight for Marriage

Pastor Robert Jeffress.

This man of God is incredible.

He is erudite and forceful, but he is not disrespectful.

His uncompromising faith in God's Word is just the tonic that our nation needs for revival.

Now more than ever, the Body of Christ needs to step up and shout "Stop!" to the destruction waged against the church, the family, and society.

We need to shout "Restore!" to a lost world trying to play God or seek the divine in everything but our Loving Father!

Saturday, October 29th, I got to meet the man who has turned heads and shocked liberal minds.

This pastor has taken on the illiberal wings of faux-Christianity, and held to a secure conviction of Biblical truth.

Check out this debate he engaged in with a female pastor from the "Church" of Christ (which Christ this woman was worshiping is anyone's guess ...):

I asked Pastor Robert about this exchange.

He has done so many, that he cannot keep up with the appearances and interviews.

There is no need for him to try.

I really respected that he attend the Stand4Truth conference, despite the fact that during his two speeches, the room was not as well attended as it should have been.

Reminder: this lack of participation was not the strict fault of the organizers, but fell on the shoulders of one mega church which had promised to sponsor the event, then backed out at the last minute.

Pastor Robert spoke Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Very effective and moving. The boldness he displayed is something that all pro-family activists have to fight for.

Here are his comments from Saturday:

This man is quite a powerhouse.

I was impressed with his comments through and through.

I really appreciate that he reminded the audience of the Founders.

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