Saturday, November 5, 2016

Berniecrat, Now Green Party Member Rejects Muratsuchi, Votes for David Hadley

Hell has frozen over.

First, the Democrats push the worst possible candidate to be their Presidential nominee.

Then the media tries to cover for their queen

Instead of sitting back and putting up with this corrosive collusion and corruption, the New Media exposes the Clinton Corruption, Cash, and Chaos.

Democratic party members, especially progressive activists, are leaving the Democratic Party in droves because of the unending corruption which has defined the DNC.

Think about this conservatives ....

How would you feel if you were a Cruz or a Walker support, and then learned that Reince Preibus and the rest of the RNC leaders were actively colluding and pulling strings to ensure that your candidate lost?

Mad as hell! I know I would have renounced my GOP registration and burned the RNC Chairman in effigy.

And yet ...

That is EXACTLY what happened to the Democratic Party delegates who supported Bernie Sanders. All over the country Berniecrats have pledged they will never vote for Hillary Clinton.

Corruption offends everyone of principle, regardless of their affiliation.

The Wikileaks exposes have revealed how Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, John Podesta, etc. broke every rule in the book to ensure that Bernie Sanders would go down in flames during the Democratic primary.

Allegations of voter fraud and suppression dogged the Clinton campaign too, from the Iowa caucuses (Where Clinton won six precincts by a coin toss. That's statitically fantastic, or fraudulent).

Hillary Clinton did "win"--actually she stole--the Democratic Party nomination.

Lots of progressives are mad as hell, and they are not going to submit to this corruption anymore.

All over California ... all over the country Bernie supporters have pledged that they will not vote for Clinton.

In Torrance, I am well aware that Torrance Democratic Club members have split with the club headed by the racist instigator Jimmy Gow and formed their own progressive coalition, too!

(Just to remind you about the abusive Jimmy Gow and his desperation tactics, read here)

Then I met Miguel Zuniga of Lomita, CA.

There was no ignoring his loyalty to Sanders ... and Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate.

I had to talk to him, learn more about why he feels so strongly about what happened to Bernie Sanders during the primary.

There was more than I could have ever realized.

Clinton operatives took away Bernie signs. Sanders' communications director was forced out of the convention.

Unbelievable! The Democratic Party truly is "Democratic in name only"!

Miguel and I have been talking ever since.

He is really open what he believes. He is definitely opposed to corruption.

"Above all I am an American. County comes first!"

Then when he found out about Crooked Al Muratsuchi's campaign of deceit, he got really upset.

"He's doing the same things that Hillary Clinton did to Bernie!"

We decided to set the record straight.

Two weeks ago, Muratscuhi had pledged to host a neighborhood coffee next to his campaign office.

I showed up with a couple friends of mine. We wanted to ask Muratsuchi a number of questions about the mailers he sent out, including the "Trump-Hadley" signs he posted throughout the assembly district.

One hour passed, and Muratsuchi never showed up. The staffers had to carry water for him, and claimed that he was helping other constituents, so he could not come.


Well, Miguel did have the chance to meet David Hadley!

He hosted an open forum meet-and-greet in South Torrance:

Miguel told me that everyone was really polite, They knew that he was a Bernie supporter but David did not care He was ready to talk wiht him about issues in the district.

They did not agree on everything, but Hadley respected his constituent and listened to his points of view on certain things.

After the meeting, Miguel Zuniga announced to me:

"I am voting for David Hadley."

Who would have thought?

A progressive Democrat, Bernie Sanders supporters, now a Green Party activist, has rejected the Democratic nominee for state assembly and is voting for a Republican!

This is AWESOME!

What can one say?

David Hadley is all about representing everyone.

He is not beholden to Big Oil, or any other Big Interest.

He listens to others. He respects their opinions, and he does not lie about his opponent's record.

After all, most citizens want someone who will be honest and demonstrate integrity!

Thanks for your support, Miguel!

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