Saturday, November 12, 2016

Anti-Trump Hater Congresswoman Waters, No One Believes Anything YOU SAY!

Congresswoman Maxine Waters went crazy--again--on national TV,  this time attacking the Republican President-elect.


Donald Trump is the new President of the United States, Crazy Black Lady Maxine Waters!

How do you like us now?!

These Beltway liberals can't stand not winning. The idea that the vast majority of Middle America, a land and a people whom they do not know, can't stand their arrogant ideology--it's just too much for them.

Waters needs to get out of her South Los Angeles enclave and get out there and mix it up with real people. She also better get used to sitting in the minority in the House of Representatives, again. She has threatened to nationalize oil companies. She told the Tea Party to go straight to hell. She once claimed that the seuester that ripped out a lot of federal spending would cost the country 170 million jobs.

She has a long list of hateful stupid remarks, which have made her one of the most entertaining represenatives in Washington, but for all the wrong reasons.

Check out her latest comments on MSNBC, another part of the failing third rail of Democratic politics which failed to coronate Crooked Hillary Clinton:

She actually blasted Trump about everything.

"I don't believe anything he says!"

Wow, the feeling is mutual, Maxine!

No one believed her when she claimed that Obamacare was going to help average Americans better afford uality healthcare. Now most doctors have left the practice, and most patients can't pay their bills!

Notice how she continues to read off the same left-wing hollow talking points widely debunked over the campaign.

She claimed that he mocked a disabled veteran. Wrong. The lie from the media was that Trump mocked a disabled REPORTER. Big difference, Waters. YUGE!

Wow! Does this woman have an ounce of sense left? At all? ANY?

Then she goes on about disabled veterans, then switches to the fact that Donald Trump doesn't pay taxes. Really? He overpaid, according to records stolen and leaked to the New York Times. I wonder how much Waters pays in taxes? And how much did that ethics probe against her cost us?

Waters then goes off about apologizing to people for the thing that he said. Give me a break!

I am embarrassed that she is still sitting in Washington DC. She even represents a section of Torrance, CA. This is wrong.

She claimed that he is a fraudster who bilked students at Trump university, and she bases this allegations on the lawsuit against him. I spoke with one lady who took his Trump university course--and she lives in Southern California, a vocal Trump supporter--and she explained to anyone listening that students have to work the program which Trump rolls out.

We will see how the case is resolved in the near future.

I must give the MSNBC anchor some credit. He didn't challenger her lies about Trump's comments, but he did force her to confront the fact that this controversial Republican swept the Rust Belt, reaching out to working people of all colors and backgrounds.

Yes indeed, the voters believed him. Why would they believe crooked Hillary? She lied to her primary voters, she schemed with DNC leadership, and the corrupt, craven, and now exposed media tried to prop up Hillary Clinton to the very end.

But it wasn't enough.

Give in up, Welfare Queen Maxine. Your lady lost, because she was not much of a lady to begin with. And please stop lying ... no one believes anything you say!

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