Tuesday, November 29, 2016

RPLAC Has Not Responded to Omar Navarro's Complaint About AD-66 Chair's By-Laws Violation--Why?

November 21, 2016.

The AD-66 Central Committee met in another location, without informing three  members of the committee.

Only one person received an apology.

That is wrong.

I have submitted a few complaints about this action.

And yet I have received no response.

What is going on?

Omar Navarro, the Vice-President of the Beach Cities Republicans, was particularly distressed about being shut out of the meeting.

He sent the following remarks to Executive Director Jason Maruca and By-Laws Committee Chairman Gary Aminoff:

Look , I wonder what the party is going to do about Janice Webb changing venues and not notifying me. I'm very simple and will say I definitely have the interest of Chair on the central Committee. I find it fascinating on the day I would announce that I would challenge Janice for central committee chair, I would not get any call.

I expect a proper shot at Chair of the central committee. If the party wants this internal bickering to stop coming out public then give me a proper shot at what should have happened in that meeting.

I'm going to say I don't take the County party seriously because it's a joke with no real brand. When I walk into a Republican group. I'm sorry to say but I see a dying crowd of people within the next 10 to 20 years. After most have fallen I will be here.

I represent millennials and Latinos. A demographic which democrats do such a great job of exploiting. I'm no longer going to argue but pushback hard if the party doesn't realize the reality of what's going on.  

What is going on?

This lack of communication is hurting the party, and it needs to stop.

Every person, young or old, mus know that they have a seat at the table, and that their efforts and skills are welcome.

Why all this secrecy? Why have the Executive Director of RPLAC and the By-Laws Committee Chairman said nothing about Janice Webb's violation of RPLAC by-laws?

Contact Jason Maruca and Gary Aminoff.

Let's restore transparency and accountability to Los Angeles County!

Let's #MakeRPLACGreatAgain!

Gary Aminoff: By-Laws Committee Chairman
(310) 387-6900

Jason Maruca: RPLAC Executive Director
(818) 558-7600

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