Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rep. Judy Chu at DPP Celebration: Awkward, Uninformed, and a Little Disrespectful

Showing up at the DPP event, I was strangely surprised to see Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-Pasadena).

I was invited to attend as the President of the Beach Cities Republicans, and representing on behalf of Republicans. Another activist, volunteer, and well-connected Republican named Ed Chen had attended. So did Congressman Ed Royce.

At first, I had intimated that this meeting would be a gathering of Republicans.

I learned more quickly what was happening. We were celebrating the Democratic Progressive Party's victory as the opposition party in Taiwan.

Even though they are a left-wing party (UGH!), they are pro-Independence and pro-America.

They are stressing their opposition to China, while the previous party in power (KMT) wanted to form closer ties with Communist Beijing.

For his reason, DPP can be a strong ally with the United States.

Congresswoman Chu took to the podium to extol the DPP.

It looked as if she was completely unprepared, and had very little of substance to share:

She read off the pamphlet provided for everyone  at the meeting.

She also voiced her displeasure about the outcome of Election 2016.

I found that common particularly offensive.

She is a hard-core liberal. One would think that she felt at home in the room with this party.

I have been a vocal critic of Chu.

She was hammered by unanimous decision by the House Ethics Committee.

She is one of the least effective Congressional representatives in Washington DC.

While she claims to champion small business owners she has helped drive many small and willing entrepreneurs into closure because of high taxes and regulations, along with Obamacare.

How can any Democrat claim to be pro-business, pro-growth, or pro-worker when their standard-bearer candidate openly declared: "I am going to put a lot o coal workers out of work"?!

It was interesting to sit right across from the Congresswoman. I could tell she was visibly uncomfortable.

What also struck me about this meeting--the DPP is celebrating their election victory--that their Party leader is now President, after years of Kuomintang rule in Tawain.

Their freedoms are expanding, while our freedoms in the United States are under attack!

How sad. We now have to learn from other countries how to restore our liberty in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

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