Monday, November 14, 2016

Oregon Resists Harris v. Illinois -- National Right To Work Foundation Fights Back

Every human being has the right to work.

They deserve to exercise very resource, every opportunity to serve without being forced to pay a bribe to work.

The United States Supreme Court ruled in Harris v. Illinois that homecare workers receiving money do not have to pay union dues to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

Now, are unions and the union-friendly states complying with this ruling?

Not in Oregon!

Check out this interview:


What are key takeaways in this discussion?

Labor unions think that they are above the law.

Witness alll that state leaders in Oregon have refused to demand compliance, but have allowed SEIU to continue stealing money from homecare workers in the form of forced union dues.

The union has the sole and self-motivated (as if!) responsibility to inform their workers on what to do.

Of course, when it came to forcing a redefinination of marriage onto the entire country, state employees were forced to comply, or end up in jail.

Witness what happened to Kim Davis.

When will the state of Oregon start enforcing the court's ruling on the SEIU in the Beaver State?

This arrogance from labor unions exemplifies every reason why we need to end the twin entitlements of forced unionism and coerced dues against American workers.

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