Monday, November 7, 2016

We the People Rising Visit Mexican Consulate: Demand that Mexico Help Build The Trump Wall

We the People Rising paid another visit to the Mexican Consulate in San Bernardino.

At least the staffers treated them with respect.

This time, they did not close the door on them.

The staffers listened to them respectful, although the repeatedly told them to put away the political activism

I never thought I would see a "Trump T-shirt" inside of a Mexican consulate.

How refreshing!

The Dia de los Muertos decorations covered the major hallway of the consulate.

The Mexican people laugh at death, so goes the saying.

I wish that the Mexican government would stop laughing at their own people, respect their rights, and stop the rampant corruption.

The illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States must also cease.

Enough is enough.

I long for the day when Mexico and the United States celebrate "Dia del Muro!"

(Why didn't We the People Rising get food stamps or free drivers licenses, though?)

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