Monday, November 14, 2016

ICYMI: What I Like About Trump ... And Why You Should Vote for Him

For the past years, starting at this time in 2015, I wanted someone else besides Donald Trump as the nominee. Notice that I did not write "anyone," because some of the 16--or was it 17?--Republican nominees were impalatable to me.

Yes, at one time I even wrote that I would more likely vote for Lindsey Graham instead of Donald Trump. But that was a fit of rage, and I gladly take that back. I do not want Mr. Chamber of Commerce from South Carolina anywhere near the White House. He wants to open up the borders, make nice with corporate interests, and put the rest of us out of work or into second-class status. All of this "white guilt" immigration talk is very grating. I am so tired of the United States being shamed because we will not play welfare state to the rest of the world. The citizens who pay the taxes in this country, including myself, don't want to cover the living expenses of those who do not want to carry their weight.

The Chamber of Compromise amnesty-panderers need to go. Donald Trump understands and articulates this problem very well. He also recognizes that dangers of globalism which benefits politically-connected corporations at the expense of level-playing field workers and entrepreneurs.

Donald Trump has a blunt charisma about him which attracts people, and he is the much-needed tonic for the destructive political correctness killing our culture and society.

He is an attack dog, a tiger, a street fighter. We need someone like him who is not going to cover his own tracks and apologize all the time. This country has been looking for someone who will look out for our interests, and not think twice about punching back twice as hard.

Trump fits that description.

So much so, that he is campaigning aggressively in blue states ... right now!

He is in Minnesota.

He went to Michigan, and he was working the precincts in Wisconsin, too!

He is probably going to walk away with at least one electoral vote in Maine, too.

National Republicans have not been working hard enough to expand the map. They are holding onto the reliably red states, and then Barack Obama burst through the solid Red South, winning Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia.

This outcome is not good for the Republicans if they think that coasting on Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy is going to solve all their problems.

The purple states in the Midwest are giving the GOP second thoughts, too, including Colorado and Iowa. Maintenance is not the answer. Outreach and connections will make all the difference.

Trump is unafraid. His blunt honest ruffles feathers, but this kind of ruffling is just what the GOP needed. The conservative message can--and should--resonate with Rust Belt workers. Why have they ignored the concerns of working and middle-class families? Probably because the consultants want their candidates to run out the clock and spend all their campaign money.

The donor class wants cheap labor at the expense of Americans. That is wrong.

A last word for the never-ending cynics and critics who don't want to, cannot, and thus will not vote for Donald Trump: your arrogance is your undoing. I don't care if you do not trust Trump. He has assisted families who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens. He has reached out and connected with the Middle America angst gripping families throughout the country.

We need that.

Scott Walker has a great resume, from elected office to policy victories. Ted Cruz was as smart as a whip. But what good is a partner in restoration who can't talk to you and understand what you are going through? What made Reagan stand out? He was "The Great Communicator." His appeal include the appeal to a dejected swatch of Americans who felt that the good times were gone for good.

Trump's campaign theme is "Make America Great Again." How much clearer could his intentions be?

Trump is a fighter. He is not frightened by a belittling--and now belittled--media class which all of us hated to begin with. He  trashes despicable, corrupt Democrats. He says all the things that we have wanted our Presidential candidates to say.

That's a heart-to-heart feel that citizens want in their representative.

People, please, put aside your pride. You don't like his past comments or some of his present rhetoric? So what?

There is a lot to like about Trump - and you need to vote for him November 8th,

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