Saturday, July 1, 2017

TREASON: Local Publication Teaches Illegals How to Avoid Capture

 I found this publication at a local hamburger joint in Lomita, CA:


Does anyone really think that the illegal aliens and their emablers in our midst are going to get awy with all of ths?

Check out the cover:

"Protect your goods."

Of course, the featured picture makes illegal aliens look like total victims.

What about American citizens who need protection for their goods?

I am fed up with all the time and energy spent protecting illegal aliens

And look at all the advertisements

This little magazine presumes to list legal advice, including statutes, for illegal aliens, too!

Boo-hoo! Check out this photo with an adult holding a child in his arms, and a little American flag in the child''s hands.

"Poor illegal aliens and their family members!

"The federal government is going to separate these otherwise innocent, poor families.


Give me a break.

And here's more "Advise":

Yes, driving under the influence is a crime!

So is entering into the country illegally!

I cannot believe this is happening--in my country!

No more illegals! No more enabling illegal aliens in our country and in our state!

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